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Direct to Consumer Marketing Services from DDA Medical - Overview

Whether you’re launching a new medical device or product, or trying to grow your patient base, direct-to-consumer marketing can be a challenge. These marketing campaigns must entertain, educate, and entice. They must create a professional impression, while following all rules and regulations, and observing standards and guidelines.


With experience in all types of direct-to-consumer marketing strategies, DDA Medical is the perfect source for your DTC marketing needs.


From patient education to interactive marketing technologies, brochures to immersive interactive environments, and copy to simulations, DDA Medical can create an integrated marketing approach – in-house, on time, on budget, and with real results. So instead of different companies handling patient education, patient acquisition, and patient support – trust DDA to incorporate all your DTC marketing efforts into one cohesive campaign and implementation.

Direct to Consumer Marketing Services from DDA Medical - In-depth

In the world of medical marketing, direct to consumer medical marketing may be the most challenging. Effective direct to consumer medical marketing – including direct to consumer medical device, pharmaceutical, and drug marketing – requires the perfect combination of entertainment, education, and enticement. At DDA Medical, we have that perfect combination under one roof, thanks to a team of specialists with years of experience appealing directly to consumers and potential patients. Whether it’s new patient acquisition, patient education, or a combination of traditional and interactive medical marketing tools and strategies, DDA Medical has you covered.


New Patient Acquisition and Patient Education

No medical marketing efforts will ever be more important for your practice or organization than new patient acquisition and patient education. At DDA Medical, we understand that nearly any physician, medical practice, medical device manufacturer, pharmaceutical company, or healthcare organization requires a strong Internet presence to educate and acquire new patients. Prospective patients now seek out information online, or acquire other types of patient education handouts, videos, and materials. Our in-house specialists – including graphic designers, medical copywriters, animators, programmers, and video production artists – can help you create the perfect direct marketing and patient education materials, which can lead to increased patient acquisition.


Relationship Marketing

DDA Medical’s relationship marketing services can help you create a strong brand identity and even stronger relationship with patients and fellow healthcare professionals. This can lead to many benefits for the physician or provider – including increased referrals and a steady patient intake – while also providing the patient with the information he or she needs. Whether it’s with customized customer relationship management (CRM) software, or simply a relationship marketing strategy using more traditional medical marketing materials, DDA Medical provides the best in relationship marketing for the medical world.


Traditional and Interactive Marketing

The specialists at DDA Medical not only have experience with interactive medical marketing services – including website design and development, continuing medical education (CME) development, and medical internet marketing – but are also experts in more traditional marketing strategies, such as physician information brochures, medical trade show displays, logo development, and branding. As a full-service medical marketing agency, DDA Medical is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive medical marketing strategies by using traditional and interactive tools and techniques to create an overall medical marketing campaign for your practice or medical organization.


Search Engine Marketing

DDA Medical pioneered search engine marketing (SEM) in 1996, long before there was even a recognized search engine marketing industry. With strong site architecture, pre- and post-launch optimization by DDA Medical’s search engine optimization specialists, and original keyword-rich content created by degreed medical copywriters, DDA Medical can help your website rank high on the first page of major search engines and attract more visitors.

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