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Direct to Physician Marketing Services from DDA Medical - Overview

In the competitive medical world, flashy websites or eye-catching brochures are simply not enough. Whether you’re trying to increase physician-to-physician referrals or implement a complete marketing campaign, style must always be supported by substance.


At DDA Medical, we provide the best of both worlds.


We are uniquely positioned to provide start-to-finish marketing campaigns that can reach and educate healthcare professionals. Because we handle everything under one roof – from copywriting to animation, print brochures to website design and CME development – the campaign will be cohesive, engaging, and fluid from beginning to end.


With DDA Medical, reaching out to physicians has never been easier – or more effective.

Direct to Physician Marketing Services from DDA Medical - In-depth

Whether you’re looking to increase referrals, create an identifiable trade show display, or reach a large targeted audience for continuing medical education (CME), direct to physician medical marketing can be critical to the success of your practice, business, or medical organization. At DDA Medical, we not only have years of experience in direct to physician marketing strategies – including medical brochures, CME development, healthcare trade shows, and mobile medical applications – but because we handle everything in-house, our graphic designers, copywriters, videographers, and other specialists can create a cohesive campaign from beginning to end, which helps to establish a strong identity and reach your target audience.


CME Development

Online CME tools have become the industry standard in continuing medical education, due to their versatility, capabilities, and ease of use. But the perfect online medical CME is more than just information on a website and a simple evaluation. With CME development from DDA Medical, your next CME can include integrated video, detailed animation demonstrations, 2D or 3D animation, and original content developed by our degreed medical copywriters. As eLearning and online CME marketing continue to evolve, DDA Medical is your one-stop CME development company.


Physician Information Brochures

Online CMEs and online medical marketing materials are great, but there will always be a place for well-conceived and informative physician information brochures. At DDA Medical, our experienced graphic designers and degreed medical copywriters can help you craft the perfect physician information brochure, whether it’s for medical product marketing, pharmaceutical marketing, or medical equipment marketing.


Physician-to-Physician Referrals

For many physicians, the best way to expand their patient base is to reach out to their fellow physicians. Physician-to-physician referrals not only increase overall patient volume, but are also more likely to bring the right patients to your practice or medical organization. At DDA Medical, we offer a variety of medical marketing services that can be customized for your target audience to help increase physician-to-physician referrals.


Physician Information Portals

With a move toward digital recordkeeping in the medical world, DDA Medical is ahead of the game with its customized physician information portals and other healthcare IT capabilities. Physician information portals can streamline day-to-day recordkeeping for your medical practice or organization, make scheduling and payment more efficient, and minimize potential mistakes caused when information is lost between clinicians or facilities.


Medical Trade Show Development

When it comes to direct to physician marketing, there is nothing more efficient and effective than a medical trade show. At DDA Medical, our experience with medical and healthcare trade show development is second to none. With talented graphic designers and medical copywriters in-house, we can create a customized medical trade show display that helps establish a strong brand identity. And thanks to DDA Medical’s animators, videographers, and programmers, we can also take your trade show display to the next level, with a fully interactive trade show booth, or even a virtual medical trade show.


Physician Information Mobile Medical Applications

DDA Medical is unique in the world of medical marketing, not only in the wide variety of medical marketing strategies we offer, but also in the techniques for implementing those tools. One of the most effective ways to market your practice, medical device, pharmaceutical product, or healthcare organization is via an interactive mobile medical application. With in-house graphic design, video, animation, and copywriting services, DDA Medical has the experience necessary to create a customized mobile medical application for your medical marketing needs.

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