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Medical Products Laboratories Promotional Website

MDS Website Design and Video Hybrid


In 2006, Medical Products Laboratories (MPL), a manufacturer of fluoride pharmaceuticals and dental products, approached DDA Medical for the design and development of a corporate website. As MPL caters to two distinct sectors of the medical industry, DDA Medical was given the challenge of designing a website that addressed both segments of their customer base. Through a clearly divided homepage featuring two portals, our graphic designers and web specialists succeeded in directing viewers to industry-specific services with ease.


The website’s design drew its inspiration from a file folder system and showcases a visually pleasing complementary color scheme. This simple and sleek site aesthetic serves as an excellent shell for product photography and content outlining MPL’s many valued services. DDA Medical also extended its award-winning search engine marketing services with ongoing optimization that continually draws potential clients by positioning MPL on the first pages of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.


Medical Product Laboratories Website Redesign


Successful website design starts with clean visuals and easy-to-use navigation systems, and with this in mind, DDA redesigned the website of fluoride pharmaceutical provider Medical Product Laboratories (MPL) in 2011. The site is organized into two segments to address MPL’s dual audience, with one segment entitled Contract Service Solutions and one entitled Public Health. The design elements of the site were stylized with an attractive, crisp, and clinical aesthetic. MPL’s full range of services is represented with a rotating slide show, seamlessly integrated into the site design, featuring both composited images and marketing messages. Also, MPL chose to enroll the site in DDA Medical’s award-winning search engine marketing program, providing ongoing optimization of the site that will continuously help draw more potential clients through first page rankings on major search engines such as MSN, Yahoo, and Google.

Services Used:

  • Live Webcast Design
  • Streaming Webcasts
  • Educational Video
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