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Mirapex Clinical ID Panels


DAW Communications, a medical marketing company, needed to manage their clients’ participation in a conference event, Clinical Interactive Dialogue Panels (CID). Because conferences and ongoing dialogue are critical for innovations in the medical community, DAW engaged DDA to develop and set up a custom website with an administrative backend system that would streamline their event planning process.

DDA Medical replied with a comprehensive solution. In addition to a clean and attractive website design, DDA built a custom programmed database designed specifically for the electronic management of these Clinical Interactive Dialogue Panels (CID) events. A login restricted database allowed DAW to hold and display event information in a well-organized format. Users can log in to load new events, manage upcoming events, assign presenters and attendees’ lists, track registrants, and coordinate event details. Event managers can view a list of attendees displayed via region, access invitations and registration forms, and extract relevant data for efficient meeting management.

DDA Medical is pleased they were able to offer more than just a website. The event management tool has provided DAW with a robust tool for fostering communication for the medical community.


Services Used:

  • Membership Website
  • Healthcare IT
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