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National Association of Nurse Practitioners – Immunization Discussions for Providers Interactive eLearning Platform

DDA Medical created this innovative synchronized media video player for NAPNAP to educate healthcare providers on the importance of discussing vaccination programs with their patients. DDA Medical taped and edited four videos, each featuring one of two expert nurse practitioners from the NAPNAP organization, ranging between 4-8 minutes in length. These videos were shot in front of a green screen at DDA’s studios, with realistic 3D environments of an office and an exam room designed by DDA’s 3D modelers. DDA Medical’s professional copywriters worked with NAPNAP to revise and refine the client’s initial rough drafts to produce finished scripts for the videos, and DDA Medical also cast the on-screen talent necessary for the dialog videos.


The videos feature stylized PowerPoint slides featuring additional complimentary content, including interactive web links to important resources, timed precisely to correspond to the subjects discussed in the videos. The first two videos feature subsequent interactive video question-and-answer segments that allow viewers to test their retention of knowledge. A database collects these responses for NAPNAP’s reporting and analysis. The webpage delivering the synchronized media included an original DDA design made to be consonant with the existing NAPNAP website, while incorporating original graphics and an intuitive navigational structure that makes operating the player a breeze. Additionally, DDA Medical built drop down menus of all the references each video uses for quick and easy review by the user at any time. By building such an easy-to-use, resource-rich online synchronized media platform, NAPNAP is sure to capture the attention of clinicians everywhere, educating them while increasing their own organization’s public profile.

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