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Oncura Cryotherapy and Renal Cryoablation Patient Information Brochure Design


Cryotherapy Patient Information Brochure


Oncura Cryotherapy Brochure Design


As an innovative graphic design firm, DDA Medical created an eye-catching brochure for Oncura to promote the use of cryotherapy in the treatment of prostate cancer. Targeted toward patients, DDA designers combined audience appropriate imagery with a clean, well-balanced layout to achieve a professional and appealing print presentation. To add a unique element to the brochure, a variety of paper substrates were used for a translucent and textured effect. Divided into five segments, this promotional piece presents patients with facts in order to build treatment confidence in prostate cryotherapy.


Renal Cryoablation Patient Information Brochure

Oncura Medical Brochure Design


This medical brochure on renal cryoablation was developed for Oncura and targeted to experts in the field of oncology. Through informative copy, custom illustrations, photography, and graphs, the benefits of Oncura’s cryotherapy devices were successfully promoted. The design utilizes Oncura’s blue and white color palette and showcases custom DDA illustrations that tastefully depict incision points, device components, and ice ball formation.


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