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Oncura Clinician Promotional Trade Show Videos and Live Video Webcast


Trade Show Video


Oncura Trade Show Video


Oncura came to DDA for the design and development of a trade show video. Using a virtual 3d modeled trade show booth as its base, DDA Medical took an innovative approach by panning and zooming into different sections of the virtual 3D booth for an in-depth presentation of Oncura’s cryoablation technologies. Video features include detailed custom illustrations, footage of medical procedures, 2D animations of Oncura devices in action, photography, music, and supporting text. DDA Medical video specialists expertly edited all elements together to create one attention-grabbing trade show video that elevated Oncura well above other AUA trade show presenters.


RapidStrand Trade Show Video


Oncura Trade Show Video - RapidStrand


Presenting video presentations in trade shows is becoming increasingly popular and is something that DDA Medical, an industry leading medical marketing agency, has been doing for years. Oncura, a medical device manufacturer and leading force in minimally invasive oncology technologies, needed a video that would help to attract a wider audience with engaging content and visuals. This video, presented on four plasma screen integrated with the trade show booth, showed footage of various procedures, new techniques, and new technologies by Oncura. Additionally, a silhouetted man moves back and forth along a risk graph reflective of the severity of the cancer. The end product is an engaging video that holds the attention of viewers. The dynamic addition to Oncura’s trade show booth attracted a new audience while still providing key information about Oncura’s medical products and services.


Precise Cryoablation Video


Precise Cryoablation Video


The challenge when developing any trade show video is gaining visitor attention. With show attendees assaulted with numerous booths and sales presentations, a video must be visually stimulating, to-the-point, and powerful in order to succeed. So, when Galil Medical partnered with DDA to demonstrate the advanced technology and benefits of a revolutionary new medical device, we extended our full-service video capabilities.


With 3d animations of the machine in action, photography, supporting text, professional voiceover narrations, and music, the Precise cryoablation video captivates attendees with engaging visual and audio effects and a well-targeted and written DDA script.


Live Video Webcast

Oncura Video Webcast


Oncura wanted an efficient way to provide internal company information to its employees stationed all over the world. DDA Medical provided the vehicle to do so – a video webcast streamed live to viewers. DDA Medical sent a video production crew on-location to film, and stream, a presentation by Oncura’s CEO. The company presentation also made use of PowerPoint slides to reinforce what was being said by the speaker. Instead of streaming video of the PowerPoint presentation, DDA Medical provided a user interface that allowed the original, first generation slides to be shown on screen, and gave the speaker complete control over the slides and the live streaming webcast.


In addition to the live webcast, DDA Medical’s team of programmers and healthcare IT staff created a login system so that Oncura could ensure that only employees were viewing the video feed. Users could also report any problems with the video or audio through a brief question field within the user interface. When the live webcast was finished broadcasting, DDA Medical’s video production team reformatted the footage to provide the complete presentation on-demand for anyone to re-watch at anytime, 24/7, on the Internet.


Services Used:

  • Video Graphics
  • Scriptwriting
  • Instructional Video
  • Trade Show Video
  • Video Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • 3D Modeling
  • Trade Show Animation
  • 3D Product Modeling
  • 2D Animation
  • Virtual Trade Show
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