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Patient Disease Management Training by the Medical eLearning Systems Specialist, DDA Medical - Overview

Today more than ever before, patients are taking a proactive role in the management of their disease. They are hungry for knowledge and the medical world is generally eager to share, but how? The answer lies in DDA Medical’s patient eLearning programs.


Through our long list of services that include medical copywriting, video development, virtual medical simulations and custom programming, DDA Medical simplifies hard to grasp topics for maximum comprehension. Plus, our approach is uniquely interactive and rich in multimedia tools for an eLearning experience that is not only informative, but engaging as well.

Patient Disease Management Training by the Medical eLearning Systems Specialist, DDA Medical - In-depth

When newly diagnosed with a medical condition, the need for patient education is high. Questions concerning survival rates, symptoms, and available therapeutic options plague the minds of patients and need to be answered accurately in order to ensure an informed approach to care. That’s why the eLearning developers at DDA Medical offer disease management medical education training for patients. These interactive eLearning platforms eliminate the need for piecemeal patient education material with technology-based training programs that simplify the most complex of medical topics. Once in hand, patients will be empowered with knowledge and better prepared to take a proactive role in their care.


During custom eLearning course development, DDA Medical considers the audience to establish the best medical training tools and approaches. The challenge when dealing with patient health education is translating scientific facts into a format that is easily absorbed by non-healthcare professionals. To do so, DDA Medical employs a variety of multimedia eLearning tools to convey material through informative graphics, text, video, and sound. And, with a list of services that can only be described as comprehensive, any patient education program request is possible, be it online web-based medical training or informative patient education videos.


Providing Exceptional Patient Education with Comprehensive eLearning Tools & Services

Since our inception, DDA Medical has strived to master all digital technologies to provide our valued clients with quality in-house services. Comprised of a degreed staff with varied specialties, DDA Medical offers full patient care and education services like medical copywriting, photography, video, and 2D and 3D animation and virtual medical simulation for medical training programs that are rich in informative content and technology-based training features:

  • Medical Copywriting: DDA Medical’s degreed staff of medical copywriters is skilled in communicating highly technical and scientific subjects in a manner that is clear and concise.  Contract DDA for the development of training copy or for the creation of a patient care education video script and be confident that you’ll receive copy that is targeted to the appropriate audience.
  • Medical Photography & Illustrations: Explain what cannot be expressed in words with high-resolution photography and medical illustrations. DDA Medical uses the latest professional equipment and is mobile if on-location photo shoots are required. Or, for a more stylized approach, DDA graphic artists are skilled in depicting highly-detailed and accurate subjects with custom medical illustrations.
  • Patient Education Video & Animation: Considered one of the most powerful patient education resources, healthcare training video and animation bring training material to life with explanatory visuals and accompanying graphics and sound. Utilize DDA Medical’s in-house Actor’s Network, professional animators, or a hybrid of both (Onlivemation™) to disseminate patient education information in an attractive and highly-effective format.
  • Virtual Medical Simulation: DDA Medical is revolutionizing patient education with advanced simulation solutions that take hands-on learning into the virtual realm. When exposed to a virtual learning environment, even the most complex procedure is easier to grasp for a patient not familiar with medical terminology and practices.

Custom Programmed eLearning Courseware & Systems for Enhanced User Controls

At DDA Medical, highly interactive custom eLearning course development is our specialty. Whether developed as an online platform or a native mobile medical application, patients have complete control of their disease management training experience with custom programmed controls and an attractive graphical user interface (GUI) that facilitates easy course navigation. In addition, DDA Medical offers advanced patient education assessment tools to gauge trainee comprehension through quizzes and tracking code to monitor course enrollment. Administratively, our skilled programmers can integrate multiple reporting functionalities and updating features for the continual dissemination of pertinent information regarding patient disease training. To learn more about our patient education programs, Contact DDA Medical today.

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