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Medical Patient Education: Therapeutic Training - Overview

Patient care does not fall solely on the shoulders of a professional healthcare provider. In fact, the majority of care happens within the confines of an individual’s home. With that being said, arming patients with knowledge is a fundamental priority in order to provide appropriate care.


Individuals need to understand their treatment options, the side effects of these therapies, and the instructions for use and what better way is there to instruct than with compelling and intuitive eLearning programs designed by DDA Medical? Our award-winning services create learning platforms that are ideal for the dissemination of highly complex information.

Medical Patient Education: Therapeutic Training - In-depth

Imagine you have just received a diagnosis of a chronic, life-altering medical condition and you now must decide upon a modality of treatment. As you are not a healthcare professional, weighing the pros and cons of each therapeutic approach is both a mentally and emotionally taxing experience. Even after this decision is made, you are faced with the burden of altering your lifestyle to accommodate on-going treatment. You are scared, hungry for knowledge, and confronting a decision that will negatively or positively affect your future. That said, you’re in need of a reliable provider of information. DDA Medical, custom eLearning course development specialists, can make you that reliable provider by extending our innovative technology-based training programs and services designed to promote patient education. Through multimedia eLearning tools such as medical training videos, animations, virtual simulations and text-based slides synched with narration and supporting graphics, patients have one reliable resource in which to turn for medical treatment and drug therapy training.


How does it work? You provide us with the topic and reference material and we’ll handle the rest. From medical treatment training content development to life-like animations, DDA Medical is the eLearning solutions provider that carries out all medical eLearning program design, development, and support in-house.


Developing Patient Education Material & Information

DDA Medical is not only an expert medical training tools provider, but also an advertising specialist. For years, we’ve produced brochures, websites, videos, and more, each geared to a unique target audience. From websites addressed to degreed healthcare professionals to comprehensive information destinations targeted to patients, DDA Medical has the ability to adjust our education training approach for a variety of audiences. As a result, we are skilled at generating patient care and education material that is easily absorbed by the non-healthcare professional. DDA Medical’s patient-based training services include:

  • Healthcare patient education content development
  • Instructional scientific illustrations
  • Therapeutic training 2D & 3D animations
  • Patient education video development
  • Hands on learning environments through virtual medical simulations

Increasing Training Effectiveness with Interactive eLearning Systems

DDA Medical promotes higher comprehension levels and material retention by implementing interactive eLearning tools that encourage user participation. Interactive training platforms include synchronous programs that meld text with narration, animation, and graphics; custom programmed quizzes that assess knowledge levels; and virtual training environments. To facilitate these industry-leading technologies, DDA Medical offers a wide-variety of in-house services from advanced programming to custom video development, virtual simulation, animation, photography, and illustration.


Examples of interactive eLearning tools:

  • Map treatment pros and cons with interactive charts that compare and contrast therapeutic features
  • Facilitate web-based social interaction with patient blogs and forums
  • Test levels of comprehension with interactive quizzes that reinforce essential training topics
  • Put the control in the patient’s hands with virtual medical device and instructional surgical simulations

To provide your patients with invaluable therapeutic care information that is easy to comprehend and use, partner with the eLearning developers at DDA Medical where our goal is to empower your patients with knowledge.

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