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Prostate Cancer Institute Patient Information Website

Prostate Cancer Institute's Website


When the Prostate Cancer Institute wanted a website designed to educate the public about prostate cancer and treatment options, they relied on DDA Medical’s extensive experience in medical website design and development. The main goal of this patient education site was to make information as accessible as possible with a user-friendly and navigation intuitive site, as well as provide visitors with a free hotline that people could call to ask questions or schedule an appointment. Additionally, DDA Medical’s team of programmers designed a custom physician finder application that allows users to find physicians closest to their home, as well as to understand which treatment services each physician offered.


The Prostate Cancer Institute website also provides free and unbiased information about treatment options, diagnosis, and resources and suggestions for family members. The design and presentation of this health information medical website has, and continues to, be a valuable resource for prostate cancer patients and their loved ones.


Services Used:

  • Website Design and Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Graphics
  • Website Design
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