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Philips Healthcare: Roadmap Pro eLearning Video


Philips Healthcare: Roadmap Pro eLearning Video


After developing a variety of eLearning tools complete with virtual medical simulations for Philips Healthcare, DDA Medical was asked by the medical conglomerate to devise a plan to promote a new product called Roadmap Pro. The standard video format implemented at Philips was static graphics, zooming in and out of perspective with background music and no narration. The basic animation was flashy, yes, but impactful? No. Information was made so concise that viewers were unable to come away with a full understanding of how this tool could benefit their interventional suite.


DDA Medical wanted to do more and thus provided Philips with an interactive video made available online that showcases Roadmap Pro in a virtual environment where a narrator explains and demonstrates the advantages of the product first hand. The video can be fully controlled by the user, or play through all important components on its own. Music and animation are not used as the crux, but rather integrated to support the experience, making for a more substantial presentation. Plus, the design of the video is consistent with the eLearning tools DDA Medical previously developed so that there is a sense of unity across the marketing of Philips vascular products.

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