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Philips Healthcare: XperGuide Virtual Medical Simulation (VMS) and Mobile App


Philips Healthcare: XperGuide Virtual Medical Simulation (VMS)


When Philips needed an innovative way to train their physicians, they trusted in the expertise of DDA Medical to develop a virtual learning simulation of the XperCT and XperGuide procedures. Through the use of video, animation, audio narration, still photography and 3D models, DDA Medical created a futuristic virtual lab environment for Philips in order to increase retention, interest, and effectiveness of the training session.


This learning simulation makes it possible for physicians to virtually perform the procedures through an active simulation. It starts with an introductory video which explains components, provides clinician testimonials and more. Passive simulation makes it possible to virtually prepare the user step-by-step through the process. Then the user is put in control of the active simulation and is able to practice using a hands-on approach to the procedure, all without getting their hands dirty.


By making the training process interactive and visually enticing, Philips has the opportunity to increase effectiveness of their program. Everybody wins, Philips can reduce training costs, and physicians are better prepared which leads to more successful invasive procedures. All because of the advanced state-of-the-art virtual medical simulations from DDA Medical.

Train by Doing
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