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Since 1994, DDA Medical has delivered over 3,000 digital projects. See selected projects below.
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Latest & Greatest:

Acurian - Patient Recruitment Interactive Capabilities Video

Adeona Pharmaceuticals - Brochure Design

Advanced Certification Institute - CME Website

Airway Cam Technologies - Website Design

Allied Dental - Logo, Brochure, Trade Show Graphics, Website & Video

Amerge GlaxoSmithKline - MD Notes CME eLearning Platform

American College of Physicians - Mobile-Optimized Interactive Benefits Guide

APIH - Video-Based Medical eLearning Platform

AprioMed - 2D Medical Animation Trade Show Video

Association of Reproductive Health Professionals - Birth Control Consumer eLearning Tool

Association of Reproductive Health Professionals - Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Prevention, Treatment, and Vaccine

Association of Reproductive Health Professionals - Animated Menstrual Suppression Consumer Information

Arizona Urology & Urogynecology of Arizona - Website, Brochure, Postcard and Ad Design

American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Cancer Prevention (ASCCP) - eLearning Project

Avakid - Mobile Application

C8 Medisensors - Clinician and Patient Information Video

Capario - Medical Billing Software Tutorial Videos

Cardiovascular Consultants - Website Design

Cataract and Refractive Surgery Interactive eLearning

Central Pacific Pain Management - Patient Information Brochure

Cervitech - Medical Instrument Digital Photography

Chicago Prostate Cancer Center - Promotional Patient Display Ad Design

Comprehensive Prostate Cancer Patient Information Website

Consensus Medical Communications - Acromegaly Forum CME Website

Cryotherapy Patient Information Brochure and Conceptual Digital Illustration

Cryotherapy CME eLearning Website

DaytranaMan - Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Promotional Animation

DDA Medical - Device Manufacturer CRM Application

DDA Medical - Promotional HealthCare Professionals Live Video with Animation

Dentronix - Medical Instrument Trade Show

DFine - 3D Modeling of Syringe and Spine

Dr. Brackup - Video Power Point Presentation

Dynamic Physical Therapy - Patient Video

EMS - Medical Simulation Training Video

ETHOS Healthcare - App Demonstration Video

Fairmount Behavioral Health System - Promotional Patient Brochure and Logo Design

FEI Women's Health - Website Design with Animation

Flomax Pharmaceutical - eLearning Website

Foundations Behavioral Health - Trifold Brochures

Friends Hospital - Waterfall Insert Brochure Design

Galil Medical - ASC Brochure, Post Card and Newsletter Design

Galil Medical - Logo, Brochure Design and Medical Illustration

Galil Medical - Brochure and Display Ad Design

Galil Medical - TRACE Brochure, Trade Show Graphic and Logo Design

Galil Medical - Patient and Clinician Information Website with Interactive Video

Grand Strand Urology - Outdoor Billboard Campaign

Grove Medical - Sensis Medical Illustrations

Grove Medical - Sensis Consumer Information Website

HartLab - Custom Designed and Illustrated Brochure

Healthcare Administrative Partners - Medical Practice Direct Mail Campaign

Healthcare Administrative Partners - Medical Practice Promotional Sell Sheet and Trade Show Graphic

Highpoint Dental - Patient Education Video

HoverTech International - Medical Device Video

Hunterdon Brems Imaging Center - Patient Information Video

Hyperion - eLearning Portal with Certification

IMA Group - Employee Training eLearning Platform

Inspire Health - Video-Based Medical eLearning and CME Website on Breastfeeding

Inspire Health - Video-Based Medical eLearning and CME Website on U.S. Health Insurance

Interventional Pain Specialists - Logo Design

Jace Pharmaceuticals - Promotional Brochure, Trade Show Graphic and Video

Jace Pharmaceuticals - Website Design

KCI Sales Rep Interactive eLearning Tool with Game/Award Features

KeyStone Center - Behavioral Health Patient Brochure and Corporate Folder Design and Production

KeyStone Center - Behavioral Health Promotional Calendar Poster and Post Card Design and Production

KeyStone Center - Behavioral Health Digital Photography

KeyStone Center - Behavioral Health Trade Show Graphic, Table Cover, Trade Display Ad and Direct Mail Card Design and Production

KeyStone Center - Behavioral Health Patient Brochure Design and Production

Kidney Cancer Institute - Patient Brochure, Mailer and Website Design

Kidney Cancer Institute - Physician Interview Video and Patient Testimonial Videos

Laser Spine Institute - Live Video Webcast

Lightsphere Diagnostics - Responsive Website

LivaNova - S5 Video-Based Medical eLearning Website

LivaNova - XTRA Video-Based Medical eLearning Website

LSVT Global - Mobile Medical Application

MBSImP - Clinician Platform with Diagnostic Treatment and Certification eLearning Portal

MCS - News Medical Mobile App

MD-Notes - Clinical Website Design and Development

MDS - Website Design with Live Video in Animated Virtual Environment

Medical Products Laboratories - Promotional Website

Mirapex - Clinical ID Panels Data Website

MIST - Medical Clinician Information Tradeshow Graphic and Website Design

MPS Communication Graphics - Employee Practitioner Interview Videos

MRI And Operating Room Digital Illustrations

Oculus Pentacam Interactive Video

NAPNAP National Association of Nurse Practitioners – Immunization Discussions for Providers Interactive eLearning Platform

NAPNAP National Association of Nurse Practitioners – ADHD Patient Information Video-Based eLearning

New Jersey Pain Consultants - Promotional Website Design

No Bite V Medical Device 3D Animation

Not 2 Late Consumer Information Website with Interactive Video

Novocyt Nutraceutical Logo Design

NY Cryotherapy Institute - Patient Information Website Design

Octapharma - Interactive Pharmaceutical Grants Application Website

Oncura - Cryotherapy and Renal Cryoablation Patient Information Brochure Design

Oncura - Cryoablation Promotional Clinician Animation and Illustration

Oncura - Clinician Promotional Trade Ad, Logo and Sell Sheet Design

Oncura - Clinician Promotional Trade Show Booth, Trade Show Graphics Design and Production

Oncura - Clinician Promotional Trade Show Video and Live Video Webcast

Oncura - Medical Device Website Design and Development

Open Future Learning - Online eLearning Platform

Osteoporosis Care Pharmaceutical Clinician Network Website

Pain & Rehabilitation Physicians of Palm Beach - Logo and Website Design

Pain Management Center of Lansing - Promotional Patient Brochure

Pain Management Logo Designs

ParaGard IUD - Patient Information Interactive Website

Park Lenox - Hospital Emergency Room Video

Park Lenox - Website Design

Pharmacist eLearning CME Website

Philips Healthcare - EP Navigator eLearning Virtual Medical Simulation

Philips Healthcare - HeartNavigator Virtual Medical Simulation

Philips Healthcare - PercuNav Clinical Environment Simulator

Philips Healthcare - Roadmap Pro eLearning Video

Philips Healthcare - XperGuide Virtual Medical Simulation

Phoenix Executive Health & Wellness - Promotional Website Design & Development

Pico-Tesla and Magneceutical Health™ - Website Design and Development

Prostate Cancer Institute - Patient Information Website Design

Prostate Cancer Consumer Information Website

Prostate Health Seminar - Trifold Brochure and Website Design

Qiagen - Digital Model Photography / On-Location / Photo Maniplation / 3D Environments

Quality Choice Correctional Healthcare - Brochure Design, Trade Show Graphic and Video

Renowned Doctor - Consumer Information Website

Seno Medical - Medical Device Video with 3D Animation

Shore Point Radiation Oncology Center - Patient Information and Promotional Website

Stern Urology - Digital Medical Illustrations

Students 2 Science - Responsive Website with CRM Features

The Helm Center - Practice Promotional Website Design and Development

The Meadows and UCBH - Patient Information and Promotional Websites

TraumaCure - WoundStat 3D eLearning Animation

Trucise Total System - Interactive eLearning Platform

VideoMD - Patient Education Videos

VirginiaCryo - Minimally Invasive Cryotherapy Patient Information Website

Vision Software - Medical Software Capabilities Video

Write Science Right - Web Portal with eCommerce System

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