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Galil Medical's Brochure and Display Ad Design


Potent-C Clinician Brochure


Galil Medical's Potent-C Clinician Brochure

To market the Potent-C clinical trial and encourage physicians to become participants, Galil Medical asked DDA Medical to develop a clinician-oriented 8-page brochure. With the registry’s protocol as a reference guide, DDA Medical’s writers combed through the highly detailed technical data to produce compelling content that highlighted the most important information that clinicians needed to know in order to consider participation for themselves and that of their patients. The Potent-C clinician brochure features a design in line with the existing company style guides and custom hand-drawn illustrations of the male prostate, cryoneedle placement, and iceball formation to eradicate the diseased tissue.


Physician Brochure


Galil Medical Sell Sheets


DDA Medical designed and developed these sell sheets for Galil Medical to provide background information on the uses, history, technology, statistics, and applications of cryosurgery. Galil Medical’s cryosurgery is a technology that uses ultra-thin needles and sub-zero temperatures to create iceballs in and around cancerous tissue, destroying the tissue using the most minimally invasive means possible.

DDA Medical’s graphic designers and copywriters created these sell sheets not only to educate readers on the cryosurgery capabilities of Galil Medical, but also on the technology as a whole. The look and feel of the sell sheets is consistent with Galil Medical’s other promotional materials, creating a cohesive and recognizable campaign that is also well-branded with the Galil logo. With years of experience in the design and development of medical sell sheets, and its overall print production expertise, DDA Medical was able to create an informative and eye-catching sell sheet that exceeded the expectations of Galil Medical.


Potent-C Promotional Display Ad

Galil Medical's Potent-C Trade Ad

After DDA Medical designed the Potent-C logo, Galil Medical asked us to build on the targeted cryoablation clinical trial marketing by creating advertising to be placed in a variety of healthcare publications. Our graphic designers utilized the company’s colors for branding purposes, and chose particular fonts and organized information in such a way that important messages and contact information would not be missed. The graphic elements appeal to the target clinician and provide a visual representation of what sets this clinical trial apart from other prostate cancer treatment studies to encourage physician support.


SeedNet Physician Display Ad


Galil Medical SeedNet Trade Ad


When Galil Medical needed a trade ad to market their latest medical device, the SeedNet™ Cryotherapy System, they turned to the medical marketing professionals DDA Medical. As a long-time partner, DDA Medical already had a strong sense of involvement with Galil Medical’s marketing plans. This trade ad is one of three trade ads designed as a group, each depicting a different aspect of Galil’s medical device product line. The trade ad features original designs by DDA Medical, as well as bullet point information developed by DDA Medical’s team of on-staff medical copywriters. The final result is a simplistic and engaging trade ad that combines visually appealing designs with powerful and concise information.

Services Used:

  • Sell Sheet Design
  • Display Ad
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing Copywriting
  • Brochures
  • Digital Illustration
  • Technical Illustration
  • Illustration for Print
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