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Medical Sales Training Programs by DDA Medical - Overview

In the highly regulated realm of pharmaceuticals sales, effective training is a must. So turn to eLearning training solutions for technology-based learning platforms that are proven to increase employee knowledge while decreasing training expenditures.


Our approach to eLearning holds user interactivity at its core. Through custom programming and services that encompass medical illustrations, animations, virtual medical simulations and more, DDA Medical is the ideal choice for the demanding needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Not only are our programs effective for the trainee but for the administrator as well as we specialize in the development of robust assessment and tracking tools to monitor user performance and course completion.

Medical Sales Training Programs by DDA Medical - In-depth

With growing regulatory pressures and the high standards to which medical device sales representatives are held, there has been a push toward web- and technology-based training. Online sales training courses can substantially reduce both the required man power and time needed for one-on-one training sessions. Instead, employees learn through highly-effective multimedia eLearning tools, eliminating the need and costly budget for a dedicated training force. But, with the shift from personal face-to-face training to digital, medical device organizations run the risk of a drop in knowledge and memory retention as a result of inadequate training programs that are dull and less than memorable. What is needed is eLearning courseware that stimulates the senses and holds trainee attention with medical training tools that engage. DDA Medical, a custom eLearning course development specialist, is the one provider that can assure medical device training courses that not only streamline the training process, but increase levels of comprehension and retention.


Increasing Product Knowledge: In order for a medical device sales representative to effectively promote the use of a machine, they must know the ins and outs of their product, from its indications for use to its operational capabilities. DDA Medical’s eLearning courseware can highlight device features through a multitude of training tools. Illustrate medical device components with a medical training video complete with supporting voiceover narrations, or simulate common functionalities with 2D or 3D animations.


Communicating Industry Regulations: Though hugely important, information pertaining to industry regulations is oftentimes dry and convoluted. As a result, critical components are overlooked and not retained. With a staff of degreed medical copywriters who are versed in the art and science of technical writing, even the most complex topics can be condensed into powerful, concise, and engaging pages. Also, DDA Medical’s team of graphic designers can integrate eye-catching graphics and supporting visuals that break up monotonous text for a more enjoyable learning experience.


Imprinting Selling Strategies: When formulating training programs for medical device sale representatives, selling strategies must be explained and reinforced. Whether developing selling scenarios through medical training videos or putting a trainee in an interactive environment where they choose the correct response, DDA Medical will effectively communicate and reinforce key training points for guaranteed material absorption.


Medical Device Certification: To assess comprehension levels and to analyze program effectiveness, DDA Medical builds comprehensive administrative functionalities so course administrators can analyze enrollment levels, course progress, and more. Additionally, with an in-house team of degreed programmers, integrating interactive quizzes that challenge trainees is just part of our long list of valued services.


Turn to DDA Medical for Online Sales Training

The interactive eLearning solutions offered by our experienced team of developers are the ideal platforms for the dissemination of information pertaining to product knowledge, healthcare industry education, and selling strategies. Contact DDA Medical today and train employees faster and more effectively tomorrow.

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