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Technology-based Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Training Courses - Overview

Possessing customer-focused selling skills only scratches the surface of a pharmaceutical sales representative’s responsibilities. A sales professional must understand their product; they must keep up to date with industry regulations and all of this requires extensive training. Even as a seasoned sales associate, continuing education is an ongoing job requirement as medical technologies and regulations rapidly change. So choose the learning platform best suited to your industry’s demanding needs and choose eLearning tools from DDA Medical.


DDA Medical specializes in the development of highly engaging technology-based training programs. With capabilities that include medical animation, virtual medical simulation, and custom programming, our team of degreed professionals can build custom programs that are guaranteed to teach better and at faster speeds.

Technology-based Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Training Courses - In-depth

It’s no secret that the medical world is constantly evolving. From the introduction of a breakthrough pharmaceutical to the revisions of accepted medical policy, a healthcare professional must adjust to the ongoing transformations occurring daily. One of most rapidly changing markets is pharmaceutical sales. Not only must sales representatives stay abreast with the latest products, but also industry regulations and selling techniques. As a result, training is an essential element to a successful pharmaceuticals sales force. Let the expert eLearning developers at DDA Medical transform your training initiative with web- and technology-based eLearning training courseware. Once in place, pharmaceutical sales representatives will learn at faster speeds with higher results.


As a pharmaceuticals sales rep., you must understand the physiology and anatomy of your product. Facts such as indications for use and contraindications should flow effortlessly when in the discourse of a sales presentation. You must be knowledgeable of comparable drugs, and you must possess the inherent sales skills that are so critical to high-sale volumes. With that said, each representative must undergo extensive rounds of medical education training to ensure material proficiency. Read on to learn how DDA Medical’s training and eLearning tools can enhance pharmaceutical industry training.


Capturing Attention with Multimedia eLearning: Any teacher will tell you that the key to successful training is keeping the material interesting. For many eLearning system providers, this crucial element is lost with lengthy medical training programs that regurgitate information in an instructional manual-like fashion. They slap copy onto PowerPoint slides and expect trainees to leave the program informed. At DDA Medical, we recognize the error in this approach and have formulated eLearning solutions that hold interactivity at its core. We combine medical training videos with supporting text. We synch slide presentations with narrations. And we integrate detailed 2D or 3D animations into comprehensive eLearning presentations. Pharmaceutical sales representatives will not leave a DDA Medical developed training course bored and drained, but rather stimulated and well-informed.


Measuring Sales Rep Training Results: To validate trainee comprehension, DDA Medical integrates powerful assessment tools. From interactive online quizzes to customized administrative databases, both the trainee and course administrator will be able to measure the program's effectiveness and levels of aptitude. Web-based administrative capabilities include user tracking, so you’ll know exactly how long a trainee viewed a program, what material was reviewed, and how well they scored during testing. Additionally, with database extracting functionalities, administrators can perform any number of customized reports. From the user’s perspective, they’ll know in an instant what areas of training need more attention with on-demand test results.


Designed with scalability in mind: Due to the ever-changing nature of the medical industry, pharmaceutical sales training programs quickly lose their relevance as products are introduced and regulations change. As a result, expensive training programs that cost organizations thousands become useless. With a DDA Medical developed eLearning program, you’ll never have to reinvent the wheel as our platforms are designed to grow with the advancements of the industry. Through administrative functionalities, test questions can be updated and minor content adjustments made. And for more extensive alterations, DDA Medical can be called on for course improvements.


Training for Pharmaceutical Sales

The training needs of the pharmaceutical sales industry demands flexibility, innovation, and measurable results. DDA Medical is the custom eLearning course development specialist that can deliver these services with unwavering accuracy and quality. If chosen as your pharmaceuticals sales training provider, expect lower training expenditures, knowledgeable employees, and a more capable sales force.

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