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Search Engine Marketing for Medical Websites - Overview

In many segments of the medical community, search engine marketing (SEM) is a virtual unknown. But for many medical companies, including healthcare practices, physicians, and medical device manufacturers, search engine marketing is an untapped resource that can generate business, facilitate growth, raise awareness, and drive traffic to a new website.


It is estimated that over 85 percent of website hits are generated through search engines, and a vast majority of Internet users never go past the first page of search results. But just how do you improve page rankings for your site? Count on the experts at DDA Medical, and watch your site soar to the top of the page.


By utilizing pre- and post-launch optimization tactics, keyword-rich content, and other techniques that have been tried and tested since 1996 by the SEM experts at DDA Medical, your new website or continuing medical education (CME) tool will be seen by more people than ever before. DDA is not only one of the first true search engine marketing firms, but it was also named as one of the Top 10 Most Dependable Search Engine Marketing firms in the U.S. by the independent research firm, Goldline Research. And because DDA Medical is constantly working to keep up with complex search engine algorithms, you will not only see more traffic, but the right kind of traffic.


So whether you’re looking to recruit subjects for a clinical trial, expand your patient base, or attract clinicians to an exciting new CME tool, DDA Medical will customize an SEM program to fit your needs and accomplish your goals.

Search Engine Marketing for Medical Websites - In-depth

As patients continue to turn to the Internet for medical health information, many medical organizations and practices have failed to fully understand the nature of search engine marketing. In basic terms, search engine marketing uses optimized content to direct Internet searchers on the major search engines – like Google, Yahoo, and MSN – to relevant and targeted information on your website. DDA Medical is the expert in search traffic, search trends, and search engines to push your website to the front pages of the major search engines, providing you with a low-cost solution to generate business by driving natural traffic to your website.


It has been estimated that over 85% of all visits to websites originate through search engines. If users cannot find your medical organization within the first page or two, your website is unlikely to be found by millions of potential customers, physicians, or patients. With DDA Medical’s advanced and proprietary search engine marketing solutions, you can drastically increase the amount of traffic your website receives through natural search results.


Proven Results with Search Engine Marketing

DDA Medical’s search engine marketing process begins with extensive research to identify and analyze valuable keyword phrases to determine which are most important to your healthcare organization or practice in terms of search engine visibility and potential. These search terms are then implemented in content to develop keyword-rich copy for your website that is engaging for readers and fundamental to the success of the search engine marketing efforts. Our staff of in-house medical copywriters is well-versed in creating highly technical and detailed information regarding a wide range of medical products and services which enables DDA Medical to offer complete content development services.


DDA Medical’s graphic design team will create unique and customized designs that are not only attractive, but also offer user-friendly navigation and a strong search engine optimization platform. Once the site is designed and ready for launch, DDA Medical offers a propriety 18-step organic search engine optimization program called SureThing™. The SureThing™ strategizes consistent improvements and updates to your medical website so that it continually grows and develops higher search engine rankings to drive more and more visitors to your website.


At DDA Medical, we know how to build custom designed and professionally search engine marketed websites that push your online presence to the front pages of major search engines. As your website continues to grow and develop, so too will your organization, leading to higher patient acquisition, unparalleled referral services, and clinical trial recruitment. Contact Us today to learn more about DDA Medical’s search engine marketing services and how we can push your website to the front page of the major search engines.

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