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Seno Medical Device Video with 3D Animation

Seno Medical

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Seno Medical is an innovative developer of medical devices, and they engaged with DDA Medical to create a compelling video of their Imagio™ breast imaging system for an upcoming trade show. The video needed to be medically accurate and compelling enough to stand out amid the visually competitive atmosphere of the medical trade show, while emphasizing the unique advantages the opto-acoustic imaging system offers to clinicians during the diagnostic process.

Working under a tight seven week deadline, DDA Medical first made a broad analysis of Seno’s previous training materials to thoroughly understand the Imagio™ breast imaging system, and determined how to frame the system in the best light. DDA created a storyboard as an outline to detail the video scene by scene. Key on screen marketing messages at precise moments would serve to intrigue viewers and engage active attention.

DDA Medical promoted the features and benefits using Imagio system’s 6-up display. Animated background lighting effects enhanced the presentation. A detailed 3D computer animation shows the transducer projecting a diffuse laser into an anatomically accurate breast with a tumor. Sound waves bounce back in response to the heat generated by the laser. When the imaging process s completed, the 6-up display transforms into a series of marketing images and benefit statements. The key advantages of the Imagio breast imaging system over traditional ultrasound are outlined, and the video concludes with the insight that the Imagio system gives greater confidence to clinicians and eases anxiety for patients.

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