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Grove Medical - Sensis Medical Illustrations

Grove Medical - Sensis Medical Illustrations Grove Medical - Sensis Medical Illustrations


When launching a new medical product or device, ensuring your audience understands your innovation’s unique selling features can mean the difference between failure and success. You can achieve this through well-written copy or well-composed product photography, but another option is professional illustration. Grove Medical introduced a new condom to the highly-saturated and competitive market of healthcare products. With so many established and successful brands to contend with, advertising this condom’s defining features was a must. So, Grove turned to DDA Medical for custom 2D illustrations that called attention to the product’s innovative technology―two disposable and ridged application strips.


What many don’t consider when choosing a design firm for animation is whether or not the personnel have a strong backing in the visual arts. Before motion can be brought into play, a solid illustration must first be set in place and fortunately for the clients of DDA Medical, our staff consists of experienced and degreed graphic artists and illustrators. Take the illustration we completed for Grove Medical, the manufacturer of the Sensis Condom, as an example. To illustrate the application of their innovative condom, our artists designed several product images that were later brought to life by our animation specialists.


Services Used:

  • Web Graphics
  • Digital Illustrations
  • 2D Animation
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