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The BIG IDea

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What is the BIG IDea™?

The first two letters of idea (ID) best represent the BIG IDEA.


In the DDA Medical scheme of things ID stands for Information Destination™. The proposition is simple, if you build an information destination (ID) that is bigger, better programmed, easier to use, and more search engine optimized than any other Website for a given topic, issue, or condition an ID will ultimately develop the highest search engine rankings and receive the most visitors. The visitor will not only be a self-selected and willing participant but they will already have accepted the need for the product or service you provide information about.


Visit DDA Medical's parent company, Dynamic Digital Advertising, at, or view a DDA Medical Information Destination™ website at For information on how a DDA Medical Information Destination™ website can impact your business, call DDA Medical at (215) 355-6442, or email


What are Information Destination™ Medical Websites?

DDA Medical’s Information Destination™ websites are highly search engine-optimized and searcher-oriented. DDA's search engine-optimized websites are primed through their size, structure, content, and linking to earn hundreds, and even thousands, of first page rankings from the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Search engines return DDA Medical’s Information Destination™ websites in the top spots of their first pages for a host of medical keywords selected for their relevance to your drug, device, and practice as well as their relevance to actual online search patterns.


Searcher-oriented medical websites are based on research that determines a visitor’s purpose in browsing the Internet. Regardless of the type of medical information searchers want, an Information Destination™ will provide the exact information sought both quickly and easily. Quickly, because BIG IDea websites are structured to facilitate user navigation. Easily, because DDA Medical also takes into account a targeted audience’s presumed level of expertise.


Why would I want to build an Information Destination™?

The Internet is an increasingly powerful and reliable tool for those searching for medical-related information. Whether you are a healthcare professional looking to reach out to patients, a doctor trying to communicate with colleagues, or a marketing director trying to gain product exposure, customers, and investors, an Information Destination™ will help you reach your goals.


Major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN are the vehicles by which people navigate the billions of web pages currently available. Searchers want information immediately and click on links that appear on the first page. The competition for these top spots is so fierce that many are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for the sponsored links on the side and top banners. Unfortunately, research shows that four out of five searchers prefer to click on the free organic side, and that 25% of clicks on the sponsored ads side are fraudulent. Yet companies will pay large amounts of money to rent a particular keyword and specific spot, and pay for every user’s click. As a result, these businesses and medical practices are wasting money and ignoring 80% of the potential market.


The Better IDea: build what search engines and searchers are looking for and build it with website optimization techniques.


How an Information Destination™ Works

Researched, optimized content development, and pre-launch and post-launch optimization is the key. A BIG IDea™ is recognized by search engines as being the Information Destination™ searchers want. Accordingly, these search engines return BIG IDea™ sites in their top spots. Once searchers click to enter, DDA Medical’s high-end aesthetics, smooth navigability, cutting-edge tools and functions, and highly-informative text helps achieve longer visitor times. Ultimately, the longer visitors browse within a site learning about and virtually interacting with your company or practice, the more likely they are to initiate a desired call-to-action and convert from visitor into patient, colleague, partner, customer, investor, etc.


Who is DDA Medical?

DDA Medical is a team of medical advertising specialists dedicated to building what you want your targeted audience to see, hear, and experience. As a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, a digital marketing pioneer since 1994, DDA Medical has a strong foundation for providing the full spectrum of medical advertising services. From in-house illustration, animation, and writing services to digital photography, print media for tradeshows, and live streaming video webcasts, DDA Medical is a full-service digital advertising agency. From continuing medical education (CME) and customer relationship management (CRM) software to clinical research trial (CRT) support and patient referral services, DDA Medical builds the online tools that make your company a Information Destination™ and a powerhouse in the online marketplace.

Based in the greater Philadelphia area in Bucks County, DDA Medical serves regional clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington D.C. as well those across the United States.



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