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Galil Medical's TRACE Brochure, Trade Show Graphic Banner and Logo Design


Clinician Brochure


Galil Medical's TRACE Clinician Brochure


To encourage physicians to participate in the TRACE 5-year follow-up, observational, open-label, single-arm, multi-center study, DDA Medical created this 8-page clinician brochure for Galil Medical. Using the study’s protocol as a resource, DDA Medical’s writers extrapolated and presented the most pertinent information on what is expected of participants to help physicians make an educated decision on whether to become involved. The brochure was then designed by our graphic designers to complement the patient brochure and to include the TRACE logo, both previously designed by DDA Medical. The design is professional and custom, and in keeping with the company’s existing style guides. As content and design combine, this brochure includes everything physicians need to know to join as a participating center and to promote the study to their eligible patients.


Patient Brochure


Galil Medical's TRACE Patient Brochure


To fulfill the TRACE clinical trial recruitment goal of 1,000 patients, Galil Medical asked DDA Medical to produce a promotional patient enrollment brochure in 2009. The objective was to encourage patients to participate in the registry, to feel comfortable with the cryoablation procedure, and to not be deterred by the full five-year follow-up period. DDA Medical’s writers sorted through the technical data of the registry’s protocol to convey the most important information on the clinical trial in a way that was easily understood by patients from all walks of life. With the content in place, DDA Medical’s graphic designers created an aesthetically pleasing tri-fold brochure design, including the logo we previously designed, that was ideal for the target demographic of retiree-aged men and women with renal lesions suspect for malignancy.


Logo Design


Galil Medical's TRACE Logo


When Galil Medical came to DDA Medical ready to market an observational, open-label, single-arm, multi-center study of patients who have undergone renal lesion cryoablation, per their physician’s standard of care, we not only created an attractive logo design, but helped to develop the name, with acronym, of the clinical trial itself: Tracking Renal tumor Ablation through Cryo Evaluation (TRACE). The graphic designers at DDA Medical produced a series of logo concepts. Galil Medical chose a logo that both embodied the acronym and effectively represented the clinical trial. The logo has since been used on all clinical trial materials from the initial protocol to patient and physician brochures for enrollment.


Trade Show Graphic Banner

Galil Medical Trade Show Banner

DDA Medical created this trade show banner for Galil Medical to promote the benefits of their new Cryotherapy system – a minimally invasive treatment option for patients dealing with prostate or renal cancer. The banner, which measured 11 feet and 6 inches long, was used by Galil as part of a medical trade show display. Graphic designers at DDA Medical created the overall look and feel of the banner, while the image of the iceball and needle was created using DDA Medical’s advanced 3D modeling capabilities. This allowed DDA Medical illustrators to create an accurate image of the ultra-thin cryoneedle and iceball, which was then integrated into the overall design of the banner.


Services Used:

  • Brochures
  • Marketing Copywriting
  • Trade Show Graphic
  • Trade Show Banner
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