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Direct to Consumer Medical Broadcasting Services - Overview

The number of medical-related commercials and broadcasts on television and radio continue to increase, especially after the Food and Drug Administration began allowing direct-to-consumer broadcasts for prescription medications and devices. Oftentimes, appealing directly to consumers and prospective patients is the best course of action for a medical device manufacturer, pharmaceutical company, physician, or healthcare practice/facility.


At DDA Medical, we have been offering a wide array of medical marketing services since our inception in 1994, and understand just how important direct-to-consumer marketing can be for your company or medical care facility. By appealing directly to consumers via network or cable television or radio, you are guaranteeing that your intended message will not be skewed or misunderstood. We also stay abreast of the latest rules and regulations concerning direct-to-consumer broadcasts, helping you avoid any unintended bumps along the way.


DDA Medical’s team of experienced videographers, audio specialists, graphic designers, and creative copywriters will handle everything in-house to create the perfect television or radio commercial for your needs. Whether it requires a basic stand-up approach to deliver information, or something more off-the-beaten-path, DDA Medical can work to fit your needs. From scriptwriting and graphic design to our full-scale high definition video studio, DDA Medical offers every service you could need for your direct-to-consumer broadcast advertising.

Direct to Consumer Medical Broadcasting Services - In-depth

Since the Food and Drug Administration allowed direct to consumer broadcasts for medical drugs and devices, the number of commercials on television and radio has skyrocketed. There is mass appeal to directly target the consumer to sell your products, and television and radio are two of the largest mediums to do so. However, this also means that your competition to acquire patients or reach consumers has drastically increased. But with DDA Medical’s marketing, advertising, and broadcast strategies, it has never been easier to successfully target and promote your medical device, pharmaceutical drug, healthcare facility, or medical practice.


Since its inception in 1994, DDA Medical has been offering a wide array of medical marketing services, including audio and video production, in order to facilitate direct to consumer marketing. Broadcasting on television or radio allows your organization to reach a wide audience and deliver concise information directly to potential patients and consumers. With DDA Medical’s complete in-house broadcast production services, the possibilities for reaching those audiences are limitless.


DDA Medical’s direct to consumer broadcast capabilities include:

  • High Quality Video and Audio: Using the latest in video and audio production technology, DDA Medical can broadcast your promotional video or audio in high-definition (HD) quality picture and sound.
  • Full In-house Video Studio: DDA Medical’s facilities include a complete in-house video production studio and fully portable equipment to bring the studio on-location to your organization or facility. From green screen backgrounds to studio lighting and video camera cranes and dolly tracks, DDA Medical has everything to produce Hollywood-quality video without the Hollywood-like price.
  • Audio Recording: DDA Medical’s in-house video studio contains state-of-the-art digital audio recording equipment and sound booth to ensure the highest quality audio is recorded and produced.
  • CD/DVD Production: From HD Blu-ray disks to standard DVDs and audio CDs, DDA Medical can format video and audio for distribution on any media. DDA Medical also offers graphic design services to create custom disk labels as well as duplication services to efficiently produce hundreds, or even thousands, of disks.
  • Scriptwriting Services: DDA Medical’s staff of degreed writers is familiar with proper medical terminology and have the ability to write even the most technical medical scripts. Additionally, our scriptwriters can create solid marketing messages and slogans to effectively promote your medical device, product, practice, or therapy.

With DDA Medical as your medical marketing partner, you can create engaging direct to consumer broadcasts that effectively market your medical organization or products to thousands of viewers. From HD quality production to DVD packaging, DDA Medical does everything in-house, offering you the most cost efficient method for developing unique medical broadcasts. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive range of direct to consumer marketing capabilities.

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