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Direct Mail Advertising & Marketing - Overview

Launching a direct mail campaign is not as simple as sending out letters or postcards to a pre-subscribed list. Even with a much narrowed target audience, you cannot guarantee that the intended recipient will be reached or that he or she will read the information sent to them. At the same time, direct mail can be very effective and the best method to reaching certain audiences.


DDA Medical has extensive experience in direct mail marketing and can help you determine if it’s the right strategy to accomplish your goals. We will work with you to create a campaign that will maximize results by helping you choose the right form of direct mail, how many pieces and the frequency, pinpoint which messages to communicate, develop compelling themes, and create attractive and attention-grabbing designs.


We can develop direct mail campaigns that include print materials and package those in a multitude of ways for eye-catching and professional presentations.


There are many factors to consider when launching a direct mail campaign, the most important of which is how to compel your target audience to read or view what you’ve sent, form a lasting impression in their minds, and encourage them to act. DDA Medical knows what it takes to a launch a successful direct mail campaign and can help you make every single piece you send out count.

Direct Mail Advertising & Marketing - In-depth

Get the most out of a direct mail campaign by relying on the medical advertising and marketing expertise of DDA Medical. As healthcare specialists are routinely inundated with marketing material daily, your direct mail strategy must be carefully crafted to ensure your postcard, brochure, catalog, or promotion ends up in the hands of your target audience and not the trash. Whether you are a medical device manufacturer looking to illustrate the benefits of your device or a pharmaceutical distributor in need of direct- to-consumer advertising, DDA Medical creates and delivers memorable direct marketing solutions that demand the attention of its viewing audience for measurable results.


When executed correctly, the benefits of direct mail marketing are exponential. Not only can you communicate directly with your target audience, but personalize themes and messages to suit a unique client base. And as DDA Medical specializes in all things digital, we are your one source for all direct marketing services. Present bold and persuasive statements through print materials or spark consumer interest with interactive promotional projects.

  • Direct Mail Copywriting: If your marketing message is not of sufficient strength or not expressed at first glance, your campaign has failed. Immediately the viewing audience should be captivated with catchy headers that summarize your product or service. In just a few short moments, readers should come away persuaded and compelled to take action. DDA Medical’s staff of creative medical marketing copywriters is versed in formulating copy that is brief and powerful for maximum results.
  • Direct Mail Design: The design of your direct mail promotion must voice your organization’s corporate identity while distinguishing your postcard or promotion from the pile of daily mail. From color choices to paper stock, direct mail designs must entice users to read your message by presenting an attractive and professional aesthetic.
  • Out-of-the Box Solutions: To stand out amongst the competition, out-of-the box approaches are often the most effective. At DDA Medical, our expertise lies in innovative solutions. From world-class marketing literature to promotional pieces that highlight an organization’s unique services to projects that outline the benefits of a newly launched medical device, DDA Medical can elevate your marketing effort above the competition’s.

Choose DDA Medical as your direct marketing service provider and guarantee a campaign that clearly and concisely communicates well-crafted marketing messages and themes. Through exceptional design, copywriting, and more, DDA Medical prompts your viewing audience to reach out and take action.

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