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Medical Trade Show Displays and Exhibits - Overview

When your medical practice, business, or organization participates in trade show events or exhibits, you need graphics that not only help market your facilities, practice, drug, or medical device, but also stand out to immediately attract the attention of attendees. DDA Medical is well versed in creating eye-catching imagery and slogans and producing graphics that are consistent with your medical marketing and branding efforts. Whether you need free-standing graphics, table covers, banners, or large posters, DDA Medical’s displays feature a variety of lamination and mounting technologies and photographic-quality printing. With complete in-house video production capabilities, we can also create cutting-edge trade show videos or animations to provide engaging imagery or footage that will help set you apart from the other exhibitors.

Medical Trade Show Displays and Exhibits - In-depth

Medical trade show exhibits and events are a great way to attract attention and encourage people to invest in your medical practice or organization. But with hundreds of booths and exhibits on display, you need a trade show display that draws attention and engages people or you will fail to get the most out of the event. DDA Medical, a complete medical marketing agency, has years of experience in creating unique, winning strategies for developing successful trade show booths, graphics, and displays.


At major trade show events, you literally have just a few seconds to capture the audience’s attention. And in order to have a successful showing and see a return on investment, your trade show booth or display must effectively communicate your message and describe who you are, what you do, and how audience members can benefit from your medical device, procedure, treatment, or drug. From the creation of custom trade show banners, posters, and table covers to graphics and videos, DDA Medical has the knowledge and capabilities to successfully market your healthcare practice, facility, device, or pharmaceutical at any trade show event.


DDA Medical offers a wide range of trade show displays, including:

  • Tabletop Displays: For more economical budgets, DDA Medical can design tabletop posters, table covers, print materials to hand out, and more to provide you with easy setup, transportation, and shipping.
  • Panel Trade Show Displays: For a more robust look, DDA Medical designs full panel displays that provide convenience and flexibility. Panel displays are available in several options including shelving, counters, backlit boxes, and much more.
  • Hanging Displays: To truly stand out from the crowd, DDA Medical can develop large hanging displays that attendees can see from anywhere at the event. DDA Medical uses high quality print materials and displays that provide sturdiness to ensure hanging displays can be safely hung at any trade show event.
  • Trade Show Videos: For the ultimate trade show experience, DDA Medical can film, edit, and produce custom trade show videos that engage and inform your audience. Videos can include medical spokespersons, information about your organization, virtual tours of your facility, patient testimonials, and more to bring a truly unique experience to the trade show event.

DDA Medical designs and develops custom trade show exhibits and displays to ensure you see a high return on investment by delivering engaging graphics and successful marketing messages. DDA Medical’s trade show displays offer unlimited design possibilities, from small tabletop displays to complete interactive booths. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive medical trade show exhibits, displays, graphics, and videos.

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