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Marketing and Branding - Overview

Marketing and Branding is a central piece of every project DDA Medical undertakes. Each project should be just one piece of an overall cohesive and effective marketing effort. That’s why marketing and branding is such an important part of everything we do.


DDA Medical offers a full marketing and branding process for the purpose of establishing a marketing/branding identity, increasing company or product recognition, and-or building an audience base within a specific marketplace. This can include many on-site, or over-the-phone interviews with key personnel and company leaders, an examination of the current marketplace, including leading competitors, and research into your target audience(s). Our search engine optimized website development process begins with extensive keyword search pattern research and is a highly effective way to develop a refined marketing strategy, reach key audiences, and increase conversions.


Regardless of what type of project it is, making sure it fits within your overall marketing strategy is a concern from the beginning. If it’s a new product, service, practice, or company, marketing and branding is the first step in our strategic and conceptual planning process. Throughout development, we will assist you in creating marketing messages and themes that carry through to all other projects and help to establish a base upon which all other marketing efforts will build.


At DDA Medical, whatever your initiative or purpose may be, we want you to be successful, and know that in order to make that happen, the big picture must always be considered.

Marketing and Branding - In-depth

Regardless of the purpose or application, marketing and branding is always important, from establishing a medical and corporate identity to creating a design that conveys the right image. At DDA Medical, we help medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, private practices, and other companies and institutions within the medical and healthcare IT fields, to develop effective marketing and advertising strategies that have long-term results.


At DDA Medical, we make sure that our client’s branding is consistent across the board, from logo designs and brochures to medical website design and development, thus creating one unified and cohesive marketing and branding strategy. We don’t just provide services, we help you accomplish your goals by developing strategic and well-thought out marketing plans that increase branding and corporate identity recognition, and position your organization as the leader in your field.


DDA Medical offers marketing and branding as a separate standalone service, playing consulting, conceptual, and design roles, and works with you to determine the right branding strategy, through research into your target audience and leading competitors, and interviews and discussions with key staff. From that, we recommend the best marketing plan to aid in establishing a brand identity and positioning your company in the way you want to be recognized and portrayed. We can help you in marketing for a specific audience or in developing a complete medical identity for multiple viewer constituencies. DDA Medical can also help in your global marketing efforts by creating a consistent marketing brand among national and international divisions, or determining how to obtain the same success in one market, whether nationally or abroad, in the other.


Every marketing and advertising service we offer for pharmaceutical, medical device, and healthcare advertising companies, hospitals, and private practices, however, includes branding as a core consideration. Whether it’s working through branding strategies and a corporate identity during the design phase for a medical website, animation, or video, or helping you to formulate and execute a strategic marketing platform or direct marketing campaign, DDA Medical ensures that your branding and market positioning is consistent, so that every marketing endeavor is strong and effective.


DDA Medical is unique among medical marketing and advertising and companies and agencies in that we offer a wide range of capabilities in traditional, interactive, digital, and print platforms so that we can offer a 360 degree solution. We can help you meet all of your needs and work hard to ensure that the services we provide are helping to accomplish your goals.

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