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Medical Illustration Marketing Technologies - Overview

Use DDA Medical’s illustration services for your medical marketing media to exemplify what cannot otherwise be shown through photographs or to provide a more creative perspective. Our talented illustrators can create everything from extremely complex anatomical models and highly detailed product illustrations to comprehensive pictorial representations of a hospital or office setting and diagrams of a human’s physiological response mechanisms. Depending on your specifications, such illustrations can be photo realistic or artistic.


Furthermore, each illustration is completely custom, which provides limitless possibilities for creation. Not only are DDA Medical’s illustrations attractive and appealing, but they are instructive and support the content presented in a promotional or educational website, brochure, direct mail piece, trade show display, video, and so on. Add interest and information to your marketing media with DDA Medical’s professional illustration services.

Medical Illustration Marketing Technologies - In-depth

When it comes to creating imagery that enhances communication and helps to provide better patient education, there may be no more powerful media than medical illustration. Medical illustrations show what photographs and video cannot and can provide accurate representations of human anatomy, surgical procedures, and medical devices. DDA Medical, an industry leading medical marketing company, creates medical illustrations that present information in a clear and attractive style while improving communication with patients or fellow colleagues.


DDA Medical’s team of in-house graphic designers is uniquely positioned to create highly detailed medical illustrations for various promotional applications. Medical illustrations can be used as a valuable tool for teaching patients about their diagnosis or to supply engaging visuals for large format graphics, patient information brochures, medical websites, and more. In addition, DDA Medical can create unparalleled 3D medical illustrations that provide life-like detail and accuracy. And with DDA Medical’s extensive video and animation capabilities, these 2D or 3D illustrations can be animated to further enhance the understanding of your intended audience and add a heightened level of interest.


Medical Illustrations Increase Promotional Reach

DDA Medical can provide medical illustrations for healthcare practitioners, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, biotech firms, and all other medical fields to assist in the promotion of the product or services you offer. Each high quality medical illustration can also be used for print applications ranging from large scale posters to informational brochures or mailers. The medical illustrations we produce can also easily be optimized for use on the web or in videos.


Medical illustrations supplement text-based healthcare information that may be difficult to understand. DDA Medical understands that illustrations have the potential to increase comprehension with detailed imagery that complements medical information and improves the education of patients and colleagues. Because medical illustrations have the unique ability to depict imagery that photography and video cannot, patients will have the opportunity to learn more about their medical condition and treatment process so that you can more effectively use your time with the patient.


DDA Medical Offers Medical Marketing All Under One Roof

While DDA Medical has extensive experience in creating medical illustrations, we also offer a range of in-house medical marketing capabilities that includes website design and development, video production, copywriting, custom programming, and much more. DDA Medical offers a truly unique approach to medical marketing by combining multiple technologies and services to create powerful promotional tools for the healthcare industry. Contact us today to learn more about the comprehensive medical marketing services we offer.

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