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Digital Medical Photography Services - Overview

Healthcare professionals understand that successful promotion of your practice, product, facility, or organization often involves illustrating a procedure, treatment, or device in action. There is no better imagery than that provided by high-quality digital photography offered by DDA Medical. As a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, DDA Medical was the first digital photography studio in Pennsylvania and continues to be one of the most experienced studios in the country. In fact, DDA Medical is one of the few commercially licensed drone pilots in the country, capable of catpuring breathtaking aerial drone video and photography. DDA can also produce 360-degree interactive photography in high definition for truly immersive visuals. Using the latest state-of-the-art equipment, our professional photographers can provide you with the highest quality digital photography possible. Our complete in-house studio provides all of the amenities to photograph people, places, or new medical device products, and if you need us to travel on-location to your facilities, all of our equipment is portable so that we can bring the studio to you.

Digital Medical Photography Services - In-depth

Successfully promote your practice, product, procedure, treatment, drug, or device using professional in-studio and on-location digital photography services by DDA Medical. There is no better way to depict complex medical procedures or devices than with high-quality digital photography that demonstrates healthcare providers’ ability to cure, treat, and care for their patients.


As a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, DDA Medical can offer clients access to Pennsylvania’s first digital photography studio for commercial photography and one of the most experienced photography studios in the country. As a healthcare professional, you understand that promoting your medical practice or device is instrumental to your success in an extremely competitive field. DDA Medical’s digital photography services can be used to illustrate a procedure, treatment process, or medical device. Thanks to DDA Medical’s state-of-the-art equipment, we can provide you with the highest quality images possible for use in anything from large-scale printing to optimized web photographic images.


In-studio and On-location Professional Medical Photography

DDA Medical uses the latest digital photography equipment to provide the highest quality professional photography available. Our state-of-the-art in-house studio is complete with digital-specific lighting and backdrops to photograph everything from small pharmaceuticals and tiny medical device parts to live models and human-scaled medical devices. In addition, all DDA Medical equipment is portable to bring our studio to your facility or practice. Whether you want to capture the professionalism and cleanliness of a facility and staff, document the treatment of patients, or photograph large devices that cannot be brought to our studio, DDA Medical can maintain the same quality and sharpness on-location, anywhere in the world.


On-location medical photography can provide visual reference to show patients or colleagues a procedure or treatment. With the consent of an actual patient, or with DDA Medical’s casting of a professional model, we can shoot quality photographs to document treatment from start to finish presenting what a patient will experience. Alternatively, you can educate colleagues about a new treatment you offer or specialize in using the same documentary style medical photographs. DDA Medical also offers medical illustration, video, and animation to complement photography as an excellent tool for educating patients and colleagues or providing unique promotional tools.


DDA Medical's newest capabilities offer uniquely powerful opportunities to capture the attention of new viewers and leave a lasting impression. Aerial drone photography, whether used to shoot expansive views of medical campuses from the skies, or to capture dramatic overhead visuals in large spaces within buildings, can do wonders to stake out a reputation of substance that sticks. High-definition interactive 360-degree photography gives viewers the opportunity to really explore 3D space even on 2D interfaces like computers and smartphones. Now clinical spaces can be accurately represented to viewers in full with one interactive 3D image. Entire rooms are captured in detail so that students and clinicians know what to expect when working with various combinations of medical equipment.


As an expert in commercial photography and medical marketing, DDA Medical knows what it takes to compete in today’s market. Successful promotion of your healthcare organization or technology requires high quality visual aids and imagery. Contact DDA Medical today to learn more about our medical photography services and the wide range of other medical marketing services we offer to smooth your path to success.

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