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Video Production Services - Overview

Whether you are promoting your latest medical device or attempting to train physicians on the latest procedures, you need a successful visual aid to keep people engaged. DDA Medical offers full video production services, from concept and scriptwriting to final production and packaging, to help inform and instruct physicians or patients. Recording lectures and providing them in on-demand formats, broadcasting a medical procedure or testing, or promoting your facility or device are all possible with advanced multimedia video production from DDA Medical. DDA Medical has many years of professional medical video production experience and has continued to invest in the latest video technologies, including high-definition (HD) video recording for online and DVD/Blu-ray output, to ensure you receive the highest quality picture and sound possible. DDA Medical is also one of the few commercially liscensed drone video production companies in the country, capable of capturing high-definition aerial drone videos with dynamic sweeping shots that really capture the viewers attention. DDA Medical can also shoot high-definition 360-degree interactive videos that allow viewers to change viewing angle at a central location in 3D space to give them a more immersive experience, even through 2D screens. Videos can also be formatted for presentation on DVD or Blu-ray, websites, television, or any other media you can think of—the possibilities are limitless with DDA Medical’s complete video production services.

Video Production Services - In-depth

Whether you are promoting your medical device, therapy, drug, or facility or attempting to provide an effective eLearning solution, you need a visual aid to keep people engaged, entertained, and increase memory retention. DDA Medical offers complete video production services to do just that. From concept and storyboarding to filming, editing, DVD/Blu-ray disc production, and website integration, DDA Medical is the leading source to create polished and professional video presentations.


Since 1994, DDA Medical has used state-of-the-art equipment and a complete in-house video production studio to shoot, edit, and produce exceptional medical videos. We offer an extensive list of services to create enhanced video presentations and high quality medical marketing technologies, including:

  • Video Editing and Production: DDA Medical uses the latest technology, including high-definition (HD) video to ensure you receive the highest quality picture and sound. Additionally, the digital nature of the video editing process is extremely cost-effective, allowing medical practices and organizations of all sizes to create a custom, broadcast-quality video complete with special effects. Aerial drone and 360-degree video open up new possibilities to capture the imagination.
  • Scriptwriting Services: DDA Medical houses a full staff of degreed writers to develop scripts that deliver the right marketing messages. Our in-house staff is well suited to creating highly technical and informative medical scripts that successfully explain and market your medical products and services.
  • Digital Audio Production: DDA Medical offers high quality recording, manipulation, and editing of digital audio to ensure your message is heard. DDA Medical can also integrate background music, sound effects, voice-over narration, and any other audio seamlessly.

In addition to creating successful video presentations that promote your medical practice, device, drug, or therapy, DDA Medical excels at creating engaging, custom eLearning platforms. DDA Medical’s video production services are certain to increase memory retention and improve eLearning objectives.


With DDA Medical’s custom video production services, the medical marketing possibilities are almost limitless. Contact us today to learn more about the full-range of traditional and interactive medical advertising and marketing services we can provide.

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