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Trucise Total System Interactive eLearning Platform


Trucise Total System Training CD-ROM


For manufacturers of medical devices, a common challenge is the proper training of machine or device use. Though informative, instruction manuals often fail to clearly communicate common operations. This is why Terumo Corporation turned to the eLearning specialists of DDA Medical for a medical device training CD-ROM. The product was a newly launched device used for the electronic data capture of sterile tube welding in the blood bank and transfusion industries. As the primary users of this device must be held to an exacting standard of machine compliance, DDA Medical's eLearning program provides the guidance needed to ensure proper device use.


For Terumo, DDA created an attractive graphical user interface (GUI) and menu structure for linear or self-navigated course control. To present the material in a clear and concise manner, DDA's medical copywriters constructed a script that summarized the machine's purpose and common functionalities. Supporting the text is voiceover narration and animations that provide trainees with valuable visual cues. In addition to these interactive training tools, the program features a resource library, FAQs, a 360° product video, and troubleshoot center. The programmers of DDA Medical also integrated a quiz to affirm trainee comprehension and provide users with immediate certification.


Administratively, DDA programmed extensive reporting capabilities and tracking tools to monitor the level of course completion and certification. To complete the package, our graphic artists created an attractive CD-ROM label and case design. The end product is attractive, easy to use, and most importantly, informative.

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