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LivaNova S5 Video-Based Medical eLearning Website

LivaNova S5 Medical eLearning Website Dashboard


The LivaNova cardiac recertification medical eLearning website is the second LivaNova eLearning platform designed and developed by DDA. The project was quite timely, having started just around the time the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and LivaNova would benefit from the reduced in-person training a distance learning platform like this would provide during a time of social distancing. The new eLearning website would be developed to accommodate a series of modules, starting with the S5 cardiopulminary extracorporeal circulation medical suite, which oxygenates and circulates blood for patients during cardiac and pulminary surgical procedures. The content would be based on an existing slide presentation that LivaNova used for in-person training, which would be transformed into video with a synchronized voice-over narration accompaniment. Additionally, a new whiteboard animation to be produced to explain simply how the S5 system works in context, as was done for the previous LivaNova eLearning platform.


LivaNova S5 Medical eLearning Website Animation


DDA began by reviewing the current slide deck and designing brand new templates for the five different types of content layouts shown on the slides that would make for a cleaner, more elegant, and more comprehensible presentation. DDA then revised the slide content, including improving and redrawing the graphics as well as editing the texts, then wrote scripts based on the slide presentation that would be used when recording the voice-over narration. DDA recorded the voice-over narration in its own professional studios, and synchronized all to the new slides, texts, and graphics designed by DDA.


LivaNova S5 Medical eLearning Website Video


The course was organized topically into four main sections and multiple subsections and is gated to ensure users advance through all the content one at a time and thus review all material before taking the test. The dashboard includes a progress tracker, where the level of progress is animated as blood filling up a heart illustration to the percentage of the course completed. Users can click the Continue Course button to resume the course from where they left off at any time. They can also access the whiteboard animation directly from the dashboard, as well as a View All Videos library that lists all the videos of the course content by section, subsection, and title for immediate access. A search bar allows users to search for specific content in the titles, keywords, and scripts of all videos as well for even greater flexibility in materials access.


LivaNova S5 Medical eLearning Website Video


After finishing the course, users take a module evaluation that allows them to rate the course based on a number of stars and submit comments. After the evaluation comes a 12-question multiple-choice test on key points to S5 maintenance, which is randomized from a question pool of over 30. Users must achieve 80% to pass. If they fail the test, users are provided feedback directing them to review a specific subsection of the course to find the answer, which links directly to the content in question for easier review. Upon passing, each user is awarded a personalized certificate of completion they can use to confirm their recertification in the hospital or clinic in which they work.


LivaNova S5 Medical eLearning Custom Metrics Reporting


The LivaNova cardiac eLearning website includes a robust administrative portal that provides global and individual metrics on user performance. The metrics can be filtered by location, time period, medical specialty, and more for additional insight. Administrators can also update individual user profiles and passwords, change the duration of their access to the platform, and see usernames indicated by who has viewed all videos, passed the test, and downloaded their certificate. They can also create registration codes (either single or in groups) that allow users to access the eLearning platform, and create teams that allow administrators the capacity to view user performance metrics for just their hospital or clinic. The administrative area allows for updating of reference documents in the library to ensure learners always have access to the latest materials on the S5 system. The administrative area also includes management of the search feature, allowing users to update meta data to finesse search results as needed.


LivaNova S5 Video-Based Medical eLearning


The LivaNova cardiac eLearning website with S5 module has become another in a series of LivaNova eLearning tools that helps to reduce training costs and liability while increasing learner engagement and retention through interactive multimedia that captures and keeps attention.

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