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TraumaCure - WoundStat 3D eLearning Animation

TraumaCure - WoundStat 3D Animation

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TraumaCure, Inc., a life science company whose mission is to bring groundbreaking wound treatment products to the military and civilian segments, contacted DDA Medical to help develop a DVD video to train soldiers wounded in combat on the application of the WoundStat™ hemostatic agent. DDA Medical suggested the use of 3D modeling and animation instead of the typical animal studies video or illustrations. The video mimics the feel of simulation-based training in an effort to appeal to the younger, male demographic and promote memory retention so they would be able to use the life-saving product effectively in the field.


DDA Medical's writers created the script for clear, informative, and engaging narration from beginning to end. Professional casting for audio narration was easy through the DDA Video Actors' Network. DDA Medical's team of videographers and animators effectively created 3D animated vignettes of self, buddy, and medic applications, edited and synched the narration, and integrated supporting live video, graphics, and background music. The video was ultimately distributed to U.S. military training organizations and included on TraumaCure's website and at tradeshows for promotional viewing. It was also given airtime on Fox national news.


Services Used:

  • 3D product modeling
  • Training animation
  • 3D animation
  • 3D modeling
  • Training video
  • Instructional video
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