Dynamic Digital Advertising Unveils Radical
Trade Show Design for 2006 AUA Trade Show

When Oncura presented Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) with a tight budget, a close deadline, and a cutting-edge cancer treatment that deserved center stage at the AUA trade show, DDA developed a revolutionary concept, designed the graphics and display, oversaw construction, managed the installation in-person, and organized shipping, dismantling, and storage. The DDA trade show design process, nothing short of extraordinary given the time and budget constraints, hails a radical new approach to large exhibit design for trade shows.

May 23, 2006 Southampton, PA – The Oncura trade show display occupied three exhibit spaces, totaling 3,800 square feet, at the American Urological Association’s annual trade show at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. Clearly the most radical display at the trade show, Oncura’s booth featured twenty-five cryoneedles measuring 21-ft tall and topped off with 5-ft iceballs, representations of the company’s patented, break-through prostate and renal cancer treatment. Seventeen LCD and two plasma screens were positioned around Oncura’s booths and played a video scripted, animated, edited, and produced by Dynamic Digital Advertising.

What was so remarkable about the trade show display was not only DDA’s super-compressed 5-week process that produced this display but the low budget with which the entire display was created. For less than half of what other companies were quoting, Dynamic Digital Advertising devised an open-air, visually-uncluttered display that linked three separate areas through graphic design and modular banners. Constructed of light-weight, laminated material and manufactured in modules that can be reassembled in many different configurations for future trade shows, the serpentine shaped wood signage was hanging well above the heads of trade show attendees. Besides the rotating platform for Oncura’s new Presice™ system and their other medical equipment, the only objects located on the ground were the video screens, the cryoneedles, and color-coordinated couches. The result was an inviting, unconfined atmosphere that encouraged passers-by to enter, sit, watch, and learn about Oncura’s advanced medical treatments. To further enhance the feel the carpet was seamed together from blue and white sections in segments that mirrored the serpentine form of the shaped wood signage suspended above.

Also remarkable was the manner in which Dynamic Digital Advertising worked from initial concept to successful production to final dismantling in only five weeks. The capability to accomplish unique, compelling, functional design within tight time frames and for limited budgets defines DDA’s radical trade show display design process:

Concept and Design
DDA presented a dynamic display concept to Oncura and then rendered the display in 3D so it was viewable from all angles. DDA’s graphic design team set to work developing designs, specs, and imagery while videographers and copywriters began scripting. This phase was completed at an unheard-of turn around time.

DDA took financial responsibility for all production aspects, from securing voice talent for the video to finding a company that could provide the cryoneedles and hardwood serpentine banners on short notice. The banners themselves feature a unique design: laminated and attached as modular components, they can be reconfigured to fit a future trade show booth ranging in size from 8x10 ft to possibly 100x100 ft.

Filling out the right paperwork, renting LCD and plasma screen televisions, obtaining wiring for electricity, procuring furniture, a coffee bar, and demo tables, and hiring security to protect the client’s medical equipment each night – DDA undertook all aspects of installing and managing the display. DDA even hired the Georgia World Congress Center’s cleaning service to guarantee a tidy appearance everyday.

Construction Supervision
DDA team members flew to Atlanta a week before the trade show to ensure proper construction of the booth from cryoneedles to banners to demo areas, rigging, and audio visual equipment set-up.

Dismantling and Storage
DDA arranged transportation of all materials to the show, and also provided a secure facility where Oncura could store their reusable materials for future trade shows.

A full-service digital advertising agency with significant accomplishments in web design and web development, graphic design, digital photography, videography, 3D animation, illustration, and much more, DDA is setting the standard for the designers of all future trade show displays. Call Dynamic Digital Advertising today to discover their design process which creates radical new trade show designs for your company.