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Custom Website Design and Search Engine Optimization, Marketing and Promotion Services by Dynamic Digital Advertising in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware

When browsing the web, the average person expects a website
to function properly no matter what mobile or computing device
they’re using to view it. However, even with today’s advanced
technologies, a great divide exists between portable and non-
portable browsing platforms.

At DDA, we believe all online media and websites across all browsing platforms should be equally easy and consistent to use. Regardless of when, what, or how you’re viewing it, information should present in its complete form. No missing images, non-playing videos, navigation errors, or lost functionality. As the original Universal Developer, DDA’s goal is to create a world of unified web browsing.

DDA is tearing down the walls that divide desktop and mobile browsing through its new division, AppleSavvy™, providing users with engaging, compelling, and impactful experiences on their desktop or laptop computer, iPad, iPhone, and Smartphone. AppleSavvy™ offers Flash conversion and iPad, iPhone, and Smartphone friendly development.

As with our other innovations, DDA understood early on how prominent mobile browsing would become and took action. As more and more people hit the road with their Internet-enabled device, DDA provides seamless web experiences, offering a wide range of solutions for Flash conversion and mobile-friendly development, tailored specifically to meet individual needs. From day one in every development process, DDA considers the importance of iPad, iPhone, and Smartphone compatibility, and works closely with the client to find the solution best suited for their audience.

You can’t control what browsing device visitors are using to access your website, but you can control what they see. Remove the limitations without sacrificing the user experience; contact DDA today to find out how.


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Philadelphia's professional web site design services are provided by Dynamic Digital Advertising who relies on a complex and exhaustive custom website development process of fourteen distinct steps. Each step is systematically and professionally executed by an experienced professional on DDA’s website design team. Search engine optimization technicians, market research specialists, graphic design artists, copywriters, videographers, and programmers are just a few of the many experts who engage in the custom website design process for the purpose of building a powerful tool that puts your website on the front search engine pages.
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As one of the top graphic design companies in the nation, Dynamic Digital Advertising has established a graphic design department capable of handing everything from aesthetic website design to virtual reality. Aesthetic custom website design is important for impressing an audience. DDA graphic designers will create an industry-specific design that sends the message of professionalism and competence. Virtual reality, available for websites, CD-ROM, or DVD, creates an interactive world that promotes your products or services. To see everything else that DDA can do for you, click here.
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