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Philips Healthcare Best in Class for iPad Apps Award for the XperGuide eLearning Tool

Philips Healthcare Best in Class for iPad Apps Award for the XperGuide eLearning Tool

Philips Healthcare was the first company to take advantage of DDA's new innovative breakthrough in software engineering and design, the Virtual Medical Simulation (VMS), for the XperGuide eLearning tool. With a rich virtual environment, a dramatic visual design, extensive interactivity, and advanced custom simulation programming found nowhere else, the Virtual Medical Simulation proved to be the next great advancement in digital training platforms. Unlike more traditional forms of training, whether they are classroom instruction or traditional eLearning programs, Virtual Medical Simulations demonstrate the lesson to be taught in a visceral way and test trainees knowledge by enticing them to try it themselves.

DDA created an incredibly lifelike virtual lab and operating room environment, complete with 3D models of the Philips XperGuide and XperCT systems. These systems were then made functional for the simulation through a combination of advanced simulation animation and custom programming techniques. DDA's programmers then built a custom administrative area that allowed Philips to track the usage of the tool and be able to measure its success in helping medical professionals understand Philips Health's new equipment and procedures. DDA also developed a tablet-compatible version of the online application to allow users an even greater range of options in how they utilize the tool.

The XperGuide VMS eLearning tool was well-received by healthcare providers. The application provided them a safe virtual environment in which to develop their skills, without the risks inherent in actual clinical practice. Additionally, Philips can anticipate significant cost savings by favoring training on a Virtual Medical Simulation versus more traditional approaches. For all these reasons, and because of the quality of the iPad app, Philips chose to honor DDA by awarding the XperGuide eLearning tool a Best in Class for iPad Apps in 2011.

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