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A DDA First PowerPoint Generator Software that allows anyone with a web browser to select and sort from unlimited numbers of PowerPoint slides and create a new customized PowerPoint Presentation.

PowerPoint Generator is...

Anyone with a standard web browser can access your library of an unlimited number of PowerPoint Slides then organize and configure them into custom presentations perfectly adapted to their needs.

Allow unlimited numbers of people to organize and control slides in the library and make their own customized presentations. From student presentations and employee training, to healthcare and management communication improvement, to department head information distribution, to sales force marketing and presentation solutions, and more, PowerPoint Generator benefits are endless.

View PowerPoint slides in logical, ordered categories by putting them in a central hub that is accessible to a chosen user group.

Effortlessly organize slides and make a presentation tailored to your purposes.

Nobody is an expert in everything. Put in-depth research at your fingertips by arranging a library of slides.

Find what you need ASAP by selecting categories or using a built-in search feature.

Choose your audience...from public to exclusive, password-controlled access...to protect your company’s information.

Count on DDA to make the design and development of your medical eLearning platform as easy as can be. DDA's exceptional range of creative and technical capabilities are coordinated in a highly integrated, collaborative design and development process with zero outsourcing that ensures close tracking with client expectations while maximizing workflow efficiencies. From the custom programming of the learning management system (LMS) and user dashboard, and the website or application design, to the creation of course content, DDA's award-winning approach to interactive multimedia ensures exceptional end-user experiences that lead to real results. Medical eLearning course content can be comprised of virtually any combination of video, animation, virtual reality, augmented reality, voice-over narration, text, images, and game-like interactions imaginable, making for immersive learning that captures and keeps attention, personalizes the experience, and thus maximizes comprehension. Make your eLearning project as easy as can be. Contact DDA today.

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