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Since 1994 DDA has offered below market pricing to its clients for all of its digital advertising and marketing services.

DDA has enjoyed significant and continued growth throughout its history. DDA’s growth is based in part on its ability to create high-end advertising and advanced technology marketing platforms with modest budgets that are affordable for companies of all sizes.

Our client list includes major corporations like Tyco, GE and Wells Fargo as well as small and mid-sized manufacturers, distributors, retailers, service businesses and medical companies. The common denominator is that they all expect and receive unequaled value from DDA, and through our passion for the work, a do everything in-house structure and a customer-centric philosophy, DDA delivers.

DDA develops hybrid eLearning multimedia experiences that combine animation, video, text, and more as synchronized media to create rich eLearning course content that visually conveys complex medical topics in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand manner. Hybrid medical eLearning platforms are often developed with extremely broad interactivity parameters to ensure users stay focused by keeping active with the course content, controlling their reception of the multimedia to fit their particular learning style. Hybrid eLearning platforms by DDA offer the realism of video, the detail of 3D model-based animation, the simplicity of 2D animation, the personal touch of voice-over narration, and the straightforward information presentation of text and images to give users many perspectives to help them fully comprehend the information conveyed. DDA provides all services in the creation of its hybrid eLearning platforms, including 3D modeling and animation and video production at its own video and animation studios. Learn more about the advantages of hybrid eLearning. Contact DDA today.

Custom website design by Philadelphia’s leading ethical search engine marketing company is a surefire way to outperform the competition. A professional website that is custom designed and developed with high-end organic search engine optimization technology earns first-place page rankings on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and many others. Dynamic Digital Advertising grants clients access to hybrid website design and development technology which encompasses fourteen distinct steps. Each serves to provide a better website that earns higher placements, attracts more visitors, and converts more customers.

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As one the premier graphic design firms in the country, Dynamic Digital Advertising utilizes graphic design technology essential for providing the high-end images that companies need to increase the profitability of their marketing campaigns. DDA graphic designs inspire audiences to initiate calls-to-action by picking up the phone, mailing a response, or visiting a website. DDA’s graphic design works with many other talented individuals such as copywriters, marketing specialists, photographers, videographers, and others. No matter what you need, you can find in Dynamic Digital Advertising’s exhaustive listing of digital marketing and graphic design services.

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