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The Biggest Rank for the Buck™ in Internet Marketing with DDA SEM™

DDA SEM has specialized in search engine marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) since 1996, long before those terms even existed. We have experienced copywriters and SEO specialists who understand how search engines and web traffic work.

Before your company embarks on a banner ad campaign, our writers and SEO specialists will do research to understand your customer’s search patterns and find the kind of websites that attract an audience that most appeals to your customer base. We will then find the most cost-effective way for your company to secure prominent locations on those sites, and then devise and design the campaign.

Making Your Banner Ads Stand Out
DDA SEM has an experienced team of writers and SEO specialists, but they are part of a larger team of experienced programmers, writers, graphic artists, and animators. So without leaving the building, we not only pinpoint your targeted traffic, but also create eye-catching ads that include the right copy, Flash animation, video, and advanced graphic design.

That means your project will be handled in-house from start to finish, and not farmed out to subcontractors. Our technicians, artists, and designers have years of experience with nearly every type of visual advertising, and have always been ahead of the curve on new technologies. DDA SEM will make your banner ad campaign click from beginning to end.

Monitoring Your Investment
When you invest money in an Internet Marketing strategy, you want to know that you’re getting a return on that investment. With tracking systems from DDA SEM, you can see where your banner ads are going and whether or not users are clicking through to your site and converting by taking the desired action. With DDA’s proprietary A/B testing (multivariate) systems, you can also see if one banner ad is more effective than another, and therefore use it more liberally, or create new ads off the same model. At DDA SEM, we create a long-term relationship that will keep your business booming for years to come.


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