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The Biggest Rank for the Buck™ in Internet Marketing with DDA SEM™

And while we don’t solicit awards, this one only validates why DDA SEM can give you the best return on your marketing investment, or as we say, “The Biggest Rank for Your Buck™.” There may be more than 100,000 search engine marketing firms in the United States, and a few hundred who made it through Goldline’s first screening process. After extensive research, interviews, and reference checks, we were among the top 10 in Goldline’s criteria: maintain an excellent record of ethical business dealings, exceed industry standards for professionalism, rank among the best services providers in the industry, and provide a track record of success that has withstood the test of time.

Can they show you quantifiable results achieved on Google, Yahoo!, and MSN for other clients?
DDA SEM will show you reports from other clients proving an extreme level of successful targeted traffic generation. DDA SEM offers reports that indentify your site’s page rankings for hundreds or thousands of specific keywords, overall site traffic, inbound links, and much more. You’ll have black and white proof that the green you are spending is turning to gold.

Do they work hard for you, from beginning to end?
Many SEM companies claim to produce higher page rankings in popular search engines then simply attempt to retrofit your current site with keywords, code modifications, and strategies that are diminishing in value and results over time. At DDA SEM, we understand that search engines like Google judge a site in its entirety, from its architecture to navigation to information placement and content. DDA SEM performs extensive research into terms related to your business and industry and the level of competition for those terms before generating keyword-rich, marketing appropriate content and deeply optimizing your site pre- and post-launch, to help garner genuine, organic search results on the first page of Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. These are just a few of the many steps involved in DDA SEM’s proprietary search engine optimization strategies.

Do they have professional writers on staff?
At DDA SEM, our team of degreed copywriters has years of experience in search engine marketing and optimization, as well as the writing of high quality marketing and script copy. They understand how to make content that is not only engaging and informative, but rich with keywords that help push your site to the front page of popular search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.

Do they wear white hats, or black hats?
DDA has been practicing SEO since 1996, before the term even existed. Not once in that time has DDA used unethical or spam-like tactics to try and generate higher page rankings. Many “black hat” firms use spamming techniques in their code and cram keywords into copy. The result of these techniques creates negative credibility issues with Google, Yahoo!, and MSN that can result in a website being demoted, delisted, and even blackballed by major search engines. But that’s never an issue at DDA SEM. Your page rankings will be genuine from beginning to end, and will continually grow over time. Don’t believe us? Just ask for our extensive reference list, and find out for yourself.

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