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Consulting for Biggest Email Marketing ROI
Once you have acquired a list of email addresses, DDA SEM can help craft strong, relevant marketing messages that speaks to your customers and encourages them to contact you in order to purchase your products or services. This message is then carried through the content that is written, the script and visuals if implementing a video, and the design to ensure that the message is heard and remembered. DDA SEM can also work with you to acquire and manage your list and direct your email marketing to the most appropriate audience. In addition, our professionals can help you determine whether one email will suffice, or if an email marketing wave would be better suited to your needs.

Design and Development for Clear Email Marketing and Branding
DDA SEM designs email marketing tools with clean branding for easy company, product, or service recognition. Whether we design HTML- or text-based versions, we ensure that they are easily read and engaging on a desktop or laptop computer, as well as on portable mobile devices. Your email marketing pieces can be as simple as an email newsletter, or complex, including web served images and data, or embedded with social network applications like widgets. DDA SEM integrates a variety of attractive and eye-catching visuals that are custom designed and developed to enhance your email marketing.

Additionally, DDA SEM takes a hybrid approach to rich media emails. We can develop rich media content, such as custom video and animation to make the email even more interactive and innovative. For example, we can create an animated image of your product with a call to action to initiate the click-through response to your website. Your content can exhibit automatic dynamic motion or motion can be in response to a user interaction. Through the concept development process, we help you decide what’s best and design accordingly. We test and trouble-shoot on different operating systems, browsers, and email clients to ensure that the media is accessible to everyone on your bulk email list.

Management for Email Conversion Tracking
In your email marketing campaigns, we develop each piece to feature realistic and clear conversion mechanisms so that readers are inspired to take the desired conversion action. Through our customized email marketing management systems, developed by our in-house programmers, we can help you keep track of those that take your conversion actions so you know how successful the campaign was and what can be improved in the future. For DDA SEM, it’s not about short-term results, but rather long-term solutions that work for your business. Our management systems are one way to be certain that you’re receiving the return on investment you deserve from your Internet marketing initiative. Choose an effective alternative to traditional direct mail and choose email marketing from DDA SEM, an Internet marketing company with extensive experience and turn-key solutions.



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