Get the Biggest Rank for your Buck in Internet Marketing with DDA SEM™

When we say we are search engine marketing experts, we mean it. Before terms like SEO, search marketing, keywords, destination websites, and much more became commonplace, DDA was already pioneering and implementing such strategies, and, in fact, coined phrases of our own that now appear to be permeating the industry. Long before a Search Engine Marketing industry even existed, DDA SEM has been contributing to the development of the industry by initiating retrofit search engine optimization programs in the mid 1990s, and building organically optimized websites capable of thousands of first-page rankings on the major search engines in the early 2000s - still a task unmet by any other SEM firm.

Companies in all industry segments need to use Internet Marketing to gain local, national, and international exposure and to grow their business online and off. Dynamic Digital Advertising Search Engine Marketing (DDA SEM) is your Biggest Rank for the Buck™.

Want your business to be found on leading search engines? Paying too much money for sponsored Pay-Per-Click positions? Get found and save money with DDA SEM, a professional search engine marketing (SEM) company named as one of the top ten Most Dependable Search Marketing Firms in the United States by Goldline Research. Click, HYPERLINK ""Search Marketing Award Recipient, to learn about how we acquired this title and to find out what you need to know when investing in search engine optimization (SEO).

In the world of Internet Marketing, there are a variety of approaches, and most service providers typically offer only limited areas of expertise and tend to focus on those in order to sell their strategy and services. DDA SEM is different in that we have extensive experience as pioneers and innovators in the industry dating back to 1996 and today offer all forms of Internet Marketing. With an objective perspective, we help you understand the issues involved so you become a knowledgeable online marketer. It’s important to us that you are in the know.

Need innovative ways of product or service promotion using advanced Internet technologies? Finding it a challenge to locate the right Internet marketing company capable of integrating services in a way that works for your business? DDA SEM is not just a search engine marketing firm with years upon years of experience, but a full-service advertising agency with comprehensive departments ranging from programming, copywriting, and graphic design, to animation, video production, and photography. We even have a comprehensive set of medical marketing services at DDA Medical.

When we say we do it all, we mean it. With well over 100 individual advertising services and highly technical and creative competencies by full time, in-house, degreed professionals, DDA SEM can develop individualized components and merge them into one through a practice we refer to as Interactive Integration™ to build Marketing Systems™ able to supersede even the best online advertising and marketing by your competitors. Few if any companies can make such claims, and for DDA SEM the reality of Marketing in the 21st Century™ is revealed through example after example as demonstrated in our Portfolios and evidenced by reports and references we gladly provide upon request.



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