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...that integrate capabilities and technologies of all the experienced specialists we have under one roof – such as videographers, animators, programmers, copywriters, SEO specialists, graphic designers, and IT technicians.

That varied team of talented specialists is what makes DDA SEM different from the thousands of other SEM companies out there. Instead of putting a bandage on a sub-par website with a few keywords and meta tags to provide limited search engine results, we understand that top search engines understand the scope, scale, and focus of a website. So we analyze and strategize a comprehensive plan for success, and create a long-term relationship you can always count on.

Our staff creates a website architecture, a visual environment, and a content- and keyword-rich textual website that is pleasing to visitors and search engines alike. Our SEO specialists and copywriters devise an optimized menu structure for your site, turning that into a detailed content plan, and finishing it off with perfectly optimized, well-written, marketing appropriate keyword-rich content. And if your site needs video elements, Flash animations, advanced programming, or even high-quality photography, we can do that too – all without leaving the building.

Unlike with many other SEM companies, your project will never be farmed out to a “sister company” or “business partner” at DDA SEM. We don’t have any, and we don’t need any. From start to finish, everything is handled in-house by a dedicated and experienced team ready and willing to customize the ideal solution for you.

Organic SEO vs. Pay-Per-Click
For every dollar spent on organic SEO, it is believed that more than nine dollars are spent on pay-per-click marketing – and yet Google likely sends 20 times the amount of traffic to websites from the organic results than it does from pay-per-click-sponsored ads. That is partially caused by a lack of understanding in general about organic SEO, but it is also due to the cost of pay-per-click marketing, which can become expensive and wasteful. At DDA SEM, we offer both services and understand that there is an appropriate place for pay-per-click campaigns.

But unlike pay-per-click, which is susceptible to click fraud and is constantly becoming more expensive, organic (or natural) SEO makes those search engines notice and reward your site for its exceptional presentation and content, and place it on the front page because it contains relevant information the person searching is looking for. And unlike those sponsored links, which, studies show, four out of five search engine users ignore, organic SEO ranks your site among the most used results rankings, driving up website traffic today, tomorrow, and in the future.

DDA SEM’s organic SEO programs start at as little as $129 per month. For a more in-depth comparison of organic SEO vs. pay-per-click, see this simple chart. Then contact DDA SEM and let us find the best way for your customers to find you.


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