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Developing Pay-per-Click Ads
Through extensive keyword and online marketing research and analysis of the competitive landscape, DDA Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can distinguish the most appropriate and relevant keywords for which to bid. Popular search terms can be very expensive, but bargains can be found, and in many instances, longer, less expensive keyword strings may result in more targeted traffic. Even competitor terms can be used to your advantage. At DDA SEM, we help you sort through it all for a strategy that works best for your organization.

Managing Pay-per-Click Campaigns
Proper monitoring and management of your Internet marketing is critical to long-term success and Pay-per-Click advertising is no exception. DDA SEM can schedule your Pay-per-Click ads to run at predetermined points throughout the day and night, so you know you are effectively reaching your target demographic at a time they will likely be online. Once your Pay-per-Click campaign is live, we track click-throughs and the keywords that were utilized to initiate the response. Additionally, and importantly, through our Pay-per-Click management services, we can identify click fraud and recoup losses if and when it occurs. Click fraud can deplete your advertising budget as people, automated scripts, or computer programs imitate the click-through action without actual interest for the purpose of generating a charge. Some research indicates click fraud rates may be as high as 25%. Our ability to identify this Internet crime can save your company a substantial amount of money.

While DDA SEM has robust, automated software for monitoring returns, we dedicate an unusual amount of time to each of our clients Pay-per-Click programs. Only a human can constantly monitor and track results to produce the Biggest Rank for the Buck™. Our attention to detail is exemplified when we track results per campaign and per individual ad. We spend a great deal of energy developing ad copy that is customized for each ad to properly match search terms and mesh with specific custom designed landing pages. DDA SEM believes it puts as much as twice the amount of time into each of our client’s Pay-per-Click programs as compared to other SEM companies. The results produced by DDA SEM as measured against expenditure are typically higher than the results of other conventional Pay-per-Click search engine marketing firms.

Pay-per-Click management is just one of many Internet marketing and search engine optimization services offered by DDA SEM. In fact, we provide all forms of Internet marketing, which allows us to present options to you objectively so you are not being sold on an idea, but rather presented with a strategy that is customized to the online presence you wish to have. The only objective we have is to ensure that your investment in Internet and search engine marketing is well spent, so that we are elevated by you from your short-term vendor into your long-term partner.



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