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DDA SEM’s Reputation Monitoring
At DDA SEM, we can monitor websites, forums, blogs, and more to find out if any negative information is being communicated to the public regarding your company or specific staff members. At the onset of an alert, we notify you immediately and react accordingly. Also, DDA SEM tracks the Internet marketing campaigns and search engine optimization (SEO) we develop, allowing us to better identify who is effectively being reached within the online community.

DDA SEM’s Reputation Restoration
To minimize the impact of slander on the Web, and in many cases, override it, DDA SEM develops positive, search engine optimized content and optimized structures that results in high rankings seen on the first-page results. Our search marketing strategies tackle negative blog posts, forum comments, and website articles, effectively pushing them down so viewers only see positive information about you, your staff, your products or services, or your company at large.

With experience in Internet marketing and search engine optimization dating back to 1996, exceptional results through proprietary programs, and dedication to ethical practices, DDA SEM has gained the title and reputation as one of the Top Ten Most Dependable Search Engine Marketing Firms in the U.S. We intend to maintain this position long term, so we understand what it means to you to uphold a reputable personal, corporate, or medical image. We understand your need, work with you to establish your objectives, and develop a customized strategy for an online reputation monitoring and management plan that is exclusively designed for your company. Minimize or eliminate the risk of damaged reputations with the Internet marketing services of DDA SEM. But before you Request a Quote, be sure to check out our other available Internet marketing and SEO services that run the gamut from Email Marketing to Pay-per-Click Programs. Consider us a part of your team in gaining and refining the online presence you want and deserve.



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