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Submission In Social Media Sites: By getting your business’ name out in the social media world, you can take advantage of how quickly word can spread virally on Web 2.0 social network sites. At DDA SEM we target the sites, blogs, and online communities that best fit your needs and expertly share your message on a one-to-one peer basis to the social media core constituents.

Social Bookmarking: These sites serve as online bookmark depots for users, allowing people to share and browse their favorite bookmarks in a community setting. RSS feeds and blogs allow popular bookmarks to spread rapidly, enabling DDA SEM to pinpoint the audience you’re looking for and submit your message into the bookmark pool.

Press Release and Article Creation: Our team of degreed copywriters has years of experience creating effective, optimized press releases and news articles, meaning your message will be well-crafted and engaging, as well as informative and of real search marketing value. And our web optimization specialists know exactly how to distribute your content for maximum exposure.

Directory Submission: Instead of search engines, many Internet users prefer using web directories, which are often human-edited sites that categorize links and websites into an easy-to-use format. DDA SEM can identify the most relevant directories for your website, and manually submit information for the greatest impact.

Forum Submission: Internet discussion forums are exploding in popularity, and benefit from a very specific audience that usually shares the same demographic. DDA SEM can pinpoint relevant discussion groups and forums, then submit and promote your website, products, and/or services to increase awareness, all without the high cost of some forms of Internet marketing.

Blog Submission: Blogs are everywhere – and by using them to your advantage, your website and message can be everywhere, as well. DDA SEM can identify the best blogs for your audience and submit your information, allowing your company to use the viral power of blogs to expand your business.

Video Submission: As sites like YouTube have become ubiquitous parts of most Internet users’ routine, viral videos have developed into a viable marketing strategy. DDA SEM not only has years of experience in the distribution of online videos, but a complete video division – DDA Video – which can handle all aspects of video production. No other SEM or Internet marketing firm can match DDA’s versatility and experience.

DDA SEM offers such a wide variety of search engine marketing and internet marketing services, that the best way to find out what’s best for your business is to contact DDA today. Put our experienced staff to work for you, and keep your business on the forefront of the Internet marketing revolution.


Augmented reality is poised to transform how we learn and interact with the world around us. With the recent development of augmented reality platforms for Apple and Android mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, and eyewear), design and development of custom AR mobile applications is within reach to more organizations than ever before. Augmented reality takes the view around a mobile device’s camera and adds custom graphics, animations, and text to augment the view with additional information that responds to the surrounding environment. Graphics, animations, and other information is presented within context of the real-world view. Augmented reality is thus positioned to be a perfect training tool, capable of providing sequential direction for the manipulation of real objects in real-time, while offering additional information for deeper insights. Augmented reality can also be used to recognize people and objects, which can be used to access relevant medical records, treatment plans, or more. Augmented reality grants most of the benefits of live, one-on-one experiential training to mobile applications, and can thus be used to broaden the reach of training programs while keeping demand on human resources minimal. Contact DDA today to learn how augmented reality can benefit your organization.

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