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We don’t use canned or pre-produced advertising or marketing campaigns. Your project will be customized from beginning to end, to best expose and present your product and/or service and maximize your return on investment.

We will pinpoint your target audience, help you decide on the best sites for your campaign, and create the advertisements, all under one roof, thanks to our team of experienced graphic designers, copywriters, programmers, videographers, and search engine marketing specialists.

From Applications, to Banners, to Widgets

DDA SEM can create customized banner ads and contextual ads, which can be used on nearly any website, and optimize them for social media and Web 2.0 sites to reach a large and targeted demographic. But the real strength of these new social networking and Web 2.0 sites are all the things that make them different from other Internet destinations. And just as we have since 1996, when we pioneered search engine optimization and marketing, DDA SEM thinks outside the box to develop a model that best fits your needs.

Imagine a MySpace page optimized for your business, helping you reach a younger audience; a Facebook event page, complete with automated invitations to spread the word about a promotional event; or a “web widget” that includes an interactive game to draw a user’s attention. The options are limitless in this ever-changing corner of the World Wide Web, making an experienced Internet marketing company like DDA SEM all the more important. Almost any company can hand you a generic, pre-packaged advertisement that will be ignored by the fast-paced web user. But DDA SEM prides itself on innovative and affordable Internet marketing techniques that will get your company noticed.

DDA SEM is well-versed in all aspects of Internet marketing, so we can present your company in a wide variety of forums. Our goal is to help you find which strategy is best for you, and then doing the most cost-effective and impactful job of implementing that strategy. So contact DDA SEM today and make your mark on the social media and Web 2.0 landscape.


DDA was one of the first all digital video and animation studios in the country, and it has honed its services over the years by developing some of the highest quality medical eLearning videos and animations in the industry. Medical videos are effective when nothing but a real world view will do. DDA has captured complex surgical procedures on location, as well as recording spokesperson and other eLearning videos in its own green screen equipped studios just outside of Philadelphia. DDA provides casting of any professional voice-over or on-screen talent required through its own Actors’ Network. DDA also produces 2D medical animations, useful when anatomical structures need to be simplified or color contrasted to be understood, and 3D medical animations, when internal anatomical structures must be understood within their broader context within the body. Learn more about DDA’s long history with medical eLearning videos and animations. Contact DDA today.

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