Get the Biggest Rank for your Buck in Internet Marketing with DDA SEM™

Viral email marketing, social networking, Web 2.0 viral marketing, and viral videos are all different types of viral marketing, and all can be created with the help of DDA SEM.

Some experts claim that a customer tells three people about a product or service he or she likes, and 11 people about something he or she didn’t like. By capitalizing on this human characteristic, viral marketing campaigns have proven to be increasingly effective.

Making Viral Marketing Work for Your Business
Viral marketing uses the power of the Internet, especially pre-existing social networks and sharing sites, to achieve its objectives. DDA has been creating customized Internet marketing campaigns for more than a dozen years, and has scores of satisfied customers who are happy to provide strong references.

DDA SEM is just one branch of Dynamic Digital Advertising, which also includes DDA Video, a full-fledged video production division of DDA. When you choose DDA SEM for your viral marketing campaign, you get the full power of DDA Video, which can create viral videos, webmercials, Google Pay-per-Click video ads, and anything else your campaign requires. You also can rest easy knowing you’ve entrusted the success of your viral marketing campaign to our team of degreed copywriters, graphic designers, programmers, and video specialists – all of whom have years of experience with nearly every type of internet marketing.

And unlike companies which specialize in only one form of Internet marketing, DDA SEM can customize any kind of Internet marketing to fit your needs. So if viral marketing turns out not to be the best solution for you, we will strategize the best answer for your business, create the media, and execute the program all in-house.


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