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DDA’s Trade Show Display Process:
Concept and Design

Industry trade shows have the potential to earn your company substantial rewards, however, they also entail a great deal of effort, time, and cost. The cost of designing and producing a viable trade show display or booth is ever increasing and, if poorly conceptualized and executed, the trade show display will not accomplish your company’s objectives. The result is fewer leads, less interest, dissatisfied management, degradation of your corporate image, and wasted money.

Whether you want to generate leads, launch a product, upsell or cross sell to existing customers, meet potential customers, investors, dealers, and employees, create brand preference, etc., Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) offers your company a solution that meets the challenges of designing an attention-commanding trade show display. The DDA trade show display design, management, and manufacturing process begins with concept and design, the critical first stage for the creation of trade show exhibits.

Concept and design is the first step in Dynamic Digital Advertising’s radical trade show display design, management, and manufacturing process:

Conceptualizing Design for Trade Show Displays
Some trade show exhibit design companies spend your time and money without working to understand your company, your products and services, and your objectives for the trade show. At DDA, the first step of trade show design is a kickoff meeting which can be held either at your facility or DDA’s office as well as through conference call or webcasting.

At this meeting, Dynamic Digital Advertising’s trade show developers, which include marketers, videographers, graphic designers, copywriters, and planners, discover what your trade show display needs to accomplish. DDA helps you choose specific primary as well as secondary objectives and can show sketches of possible trade show exhibits which have been created by a graphic designer and market researcher prior to the meeting. Additionally, Dynamic Digital Advertising can choose the best trade show space for your exhibit or work with the space you have already rented.

Rendering 3D Trade Show Exhibit Models
Many trade show booth developers simply present a few designs in black-and-white diagram format for approval. This prevents clients from fully understanding the pitfalls or potential of the finished product or from contributing to a design and is insufficient for ensuring that a trade show display meets the clients’ objectives. At Dynamic Digital Advertising, when the trade show exhibit’s design is conceptualized, DDA renders and then submits to the client a full-color 3D projection which is viewable from multiple angles. This provides you with a clear visual of exactly how the trade show display works to attract and hold the attention of trade show attendees. Accompanying this 3D rendering is a proposal outlining exactly what steps DDA will take to produce this trade show design.

Creating Blue Prints, Wiring Diagrams, and Floor Plans
Ordinary trade show design companies create trade show booths. Dynamic Digital Advertising creates the extraordinary: not only do we take unprecedented steps in the aesthetics and functionality of a trade show exhibit’s design but also are fully-responsible for developing the blue prints, wiring, and floor plans. DDA trade show managers research the facility, examine any guidelines, and ensure that your trade show exhibit is fully compliant. Next Dynamic Digital Advertising analyzes the electrical wiring and creates a diagram that ensures the design is feasible and functional within the trade show space. Finally, DDA takes into account where your competitors are located to design the elements necessary to outshine them.

Audio Visual Concepts for Trade Show Videos
A truly-effective trade show display has more to offer attendees than just an impressive exhibit. As a full-service advertising agency, Dynamic Digital Advertising maintains a myriad of marketing tools that can be central components or important enhancements to your trade show display. One of these tools is trade show videos that entertain and educate your audience. With 3D animators, CGI and digital illustrators, script writers, and a professional digital video production studio, DDA storyboards, shoots, edits, and produces videos that showcase your products and services in action.

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