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DDA’s Trade Show Display Design Process:

There is so much more to a trade show display than just its graphic design. If executed correctly, trade show attendees and even your sales representatives should not notice the work that takes place behind the scenes. Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) offers extensive management services, whether its proofing trade show materials or providing the wiring for all electronic elements, to insure a productive, stress-free trade show experience.

Dynamic Digital Advertising provides trade show management services within its trade show design process. Contact DDA now at for more information or visit the Trade Show Displays page.

Trade show exhibit management is the third step in Dynamic Digital Advertising’s radical trade show display design, management, and manufacturing process:

Proofing Trade Show Signs and Materials
With the amount of money companies put into their trade show displays, grammatical mistakes, typos, and factual errors are unacceptable but can be difficult to avoid, especially if the client supplies the content. As content for trade show banners, signage, print literature, and trade show videos is developed, Dynamic Digital Advertising employs the skills of on-staff copywriters for proofing. Whether content has been developed in-house or by the client, DDA copywriters carefully read and reread material to eliminate all possible errors for perfect banners, signs, brochures, and more.

Protecting Trade Show Exhibits and Corporate Equipment
Many companies choose to launch products at trade shows. Oftentimes, products and other materials are heavy or unwieldy and expensive to transport, which is why many have no choice but to leave products at trade show sites overnight. This leaves products, equipment, and even ideas vulnerable to theft or sabotage. Dynamic Digital Advertising protects your products and equipment by hiring guards for peace-of-mind and exhibit security during off-hours.

Wiring Trade Show Displays for Products, Equipment, and Lighting
Without electricity, many trade show displays lack the power to properly demonstrate products, play trade show videos, or light products. Dynamic Digital Advertising works with the trade show managers and studies their printed guidelines to ensure that the trade show exhibit has the power necessary for the operation of the display as well as any products or equipment.

Ordering Trade Show Maintenance and Cleaning Services
Companies who order trade show displays by Dynamic Digital Advertising are certain to experience a high volume of traffic during the day. While great for business, heavy traffic means dirt, stains, and other debris will be tracked over a trade show space’s carpet. Dynamic Digital Advertising orders cleaning services, such as vacuuming, to guarantee a tidy and professional appearance every morning.

Dynamic Digital Advertising takes any and all steps to manage the trade show design process. If your company needs a trade show display design service not listed here, call us today at (215) 355–6442 to hear how we produce feasible solutions to meet your needs.

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