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Website Design and Corporate Identity by Dynamic Digital Advertising

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Website Design & Development

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Website Design and Corporate
Identity by Dynamic Digital

World-class design, Scalability, Compelling
Imagery…Are hallmarks of Dynamic Digital
Advertising’s Corporate Identity Services
for website design and website development.

Corporate Custom Website Design
Custom website design must be more than professional in appearance; it should be easy to use, easy to navigate, and easy to comprehend. Your website is not merely an online brochure, but an online business acting as a constant representative of your corporation to millions of potential searchers everyday. Our company's team of degreed custom website designers and developers have evolved a strategic optimized development process that gets corporate websites on the first pages of leading search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo.

Successful corporate identities are supported by a triad made up of impression, comfort, and conversion. DDA, Philadelphia's leading website design compnay, creates corporate websites and identities that make the right impressions, facilitate comfortable navigation, and ultimately lead to conversion from visitor to customer. Effective corporate website design leads visitors to find the right pathways, reach the right conclusions, and initiate the proper calls-to-action by making a phone call, sending an email, or placing an order.

For your company's corporate custom website design to be successful, it must be able to convert visitors into customers. Through sophisticated metrics analysis, DDA is able to track the ways a visitor navigates the site and determine whether they are responding to a desired call-to-action. At Dynamic Digital Advertising, we design aesthetic and functional websites, measure how successful they are, and make improvements wherever necessary to maximize long-term growth and profitability.

Providing Choices in Website Design
Our designs run the gamut from conservative to radical. When clients receive a series of test designs, they are able to compare and decide what design is most consistent with their corporate identity or what design most improves their identity. Unlike conventional advertising agencies where there are layers of people between the client and the designer, DDA implements a team approach that employs an open, interactive, and transparent process for direct communication quickly and easily. From our early days in custom website design and website development, DDA has evolved into a high-end professional design and production house that is utilized by other advertising agencies, and marketing companies, as well as clients directly.




• No Shortcuts

• Don't Underestimate Your Consumer

• It just depends.

• Online First Impressions

• Keeping the Right Tools at Hand

• Splash Time

• Thank Goodness for Websites

• One Step at a Time

• Age and Ageless Appeal

• Old Friends… with Tricks up my Sleeve!

• SMART Websites



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Able to provide one of the largest digital marketing service offerings in the United States, Dynamic Digital Advertising, Philadelphia’s main graphic design firm, provides graphic design for print, websites, branding, and much more. Dynamic Digital Advertising provides interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs that feature many interactive elements made possible by the graphic design team. Virtual reality services, illustration, and 3D graphic design and animation are just a few of the ways DDA enhances the presentation of your interactive multimedia. DDA graphic designers also develop unique packaging for CD-ROMs and DVDs.
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