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Custom website design and development services by Dynamic Digital Advertising in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware

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Dynamic Digital Advertising's
Functional Planning for
Website Design and Website

Your Destination is Doing Business Online.
DDA Helps You Reach That Destination…
With a Functional Plan for Custom Website
Design and Development.

DDA Turns Goals into a Plan
for Success

Dynamic Digital Advertising’s Functional Plan
uses precisely-selected goals to formulate
a logical outline for effective website
promotion. Through Goal Setting and market
research, DDA establishes a set of guidelines that distinguishes appropriate design, organization, and operation. We determine what website functional plans to implement based on research, discussion, long-term strategy formulation, and industry-specific information. Goal setting ascertains what you hope to accomplish through the website. Market research verifies who your searchers are and how they are searching. When combined, both of these processes serve as a foundation for creating a functional plan for your successful online business.

As a pioneering company, Dynamic Digital Advertising has led the field of professional custom website design and website development since 1994 from their greater Philadelphia area location. DDA creates more than an online brochure: we create an online business for a wide range of industries nationally and locally in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware.

With DDA’s Functional Plan questions are answered, objectives are met.

What are the priorities?
Dynamic Digital Advertising determines a set of priorities, based on the goals established in Goal Setting, for the functional capabilities and the potential utilities of the entire website. The following is just a few examples of questions DDA answers with their Functional Plan for website design and website development. What information is most important? What is the easiest way to get that information? What other communication tools can be built into the website? Is employee communication important? Do the company’s core competencies come through? Is there a specific conversion mechanism and goal page? Is there a strategy to keep people at the site longer? Is there a project management capability to facilitate current customer interaction? Are there tools that help visitors or customers get information that is not readily available? Are there tools that streamline customer service or fill customer needs more quickly than a human? Are there interactive tools that streamline internal procedures? Are there interactive tools that streamline customer relationship procedures? Is there a need for e-commerce enabling? Is there a commerce mechanism that can be handled more efficiently online? Are there inventory or availability issues that can be ported to the Internet? Are there marketing functions that can support a sales staff more efficiently and effectively by the Internet? Are there management tools that can provide detailed information to customers and staff about procedures and policies?

Who has to be accommodated by the site and how do you accommodate them?
Diverse people. Diverse needs. One innovative solution.
Dynamic Digital Advertising understands that every website will be visited by prospects, customers, competitors, employees, potential employees, and in some cases, media and investors. Different people have different needs. To accommodate every visitor, DDA works with the client to understand all of the needs, all of the possibilities, all of the potential advantages and disadvantages, and determines the long-term strategy for implementation.

What is the range of possibilities?
Advancements in technology have created a wide range of possibilities for functional website design and website development. Listed below are just a few of the various tools offered.

  • We program custom online information systems such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, which gives businesses the ability to plan, schedule, and control the pre-sale, sale, and post-sale activities of their organization to improve long-term growth and profitability.
  • Dynamic Digital Advertising is able to facilitate direct communication, commercial interaction, and transactional execution between a customer and a business through e-commerce enabling, with or without online credit card verification, as well as database driven information systems and shopping carts.
  • DDA can implement a variety of security enhancements to assure safety and protection for the company, visitors, and the customers. (i.e. DDA was the developer for one of the first online military development sites in 1998.) The site contained thousands of classified documents that were downloadable, editable, and uploadable. Because of the nature of the material, DDA implemented three levels of security, including IP screening, which allows only selected computers to view the site. The website is still live and hosted by DDA.
  • Administrative management portals are generally password protected and offer multiple levels of accessibility and administrative control. Everything from management and policy statements to HR centers and form achieving is easily implemented. The great compatibility and cross-platform commonality of the Internet allows entire companies to share and communicate, imagine and implement as a team regardless of location, time zone, or hardware.
  • Webcast, two-way video communication, and video archiving are all services DDA offers including in-studio and on-location feeds. Companies that wish to simultaneously conduct conferences from different locations can webcast live with a question and answer function. The webcast can be archived and streamed for anyone to review at a later date.

The possibilities for functional and utilitarian website design and website development are endless, however, not every tool is right for every website. DDA's broad spectrum of in-house digital services allows clients to implement virtually any functional tool. From Goal Setting, to research, to functional plan, DDA’s degreed staff has the knowledge and experience to make professional custom website design, development, management, enhancement, measurement, marketing, and promotion easy and successful.



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